Crime Roundup

Man accused of menacing, bias-crime

A man who reportedly professed hatred of white people and threatened to open fire was arrested Monday on suspicion of menacing and bias-motivated crime.

Formal charges against Jimmy Ritter are pending.

Ritter encountered two other people as he walked down Marine Road that evening and began yelling obscenities about white people and behaving as though he wanted to argue, Sheriff Gene Lillard said.

One of the people called 911. Lillard said when deputies arrived, Ritter was shouting that he wanted to shoot white people, then made his way onto his porch before heading inside his home.

It took deputies more than 30 minutes to coax Ritter outside. When he came out, he allegedly made comments about shooting and killing people, as well as told deputies that he would like to see them dead.

Explosives found during traffic stop

Montrose County Sheriff’s Office deputies searching a vehicle Jan. 2 found a backpack that reportedly contained yellow fuse rope explosives.

The backpack’s purported owner, Keanu Farmer Gutierrez, was held on suspicion of possessing an incendiary device and other allegations. Formal charges are pending.

Farmer Gutierrez was a passenger in a Ford Explorer that failed to move over into the next lane on North Townsend Avenue while passing a deputy conducting a traffic stop; the Ford passed closely by the deputy on the stop, Sheriff Gene Lillard said.

Another deputy then followed the vehicle and stopped it near North Ninth Street.

In talking with Farmer Gutierrez, who did not have his ID handy, the deputy became concerned, Lillard said. The deputy could also smell marijuana and, when both Farmer Gutierrez and the woman driving were checked for warrants, the deputy learned Farmer Gutierrez was restrained by court order from possessing drugs, as well as weapons.

When Farmer Gutierrez was ordered out of the truck, deputies saw a 3-inch blade hanging from a hook on his pants and another knife on his belt, as well as a set of metallic knuckles, Lillard said.

Once they received consent to search the vehicle, deputies found the fuse rope, typically used for such tasks as blowing up tree stumps. A technician from the Grand Junction Police Department’s bomb squad arrived later to collect the explosives.

Farmer Gutierrez was held on suspicion of possessing an incendiary device; possession of a weapon by a previous offender, possession of an illegal weapon, violating a protection order and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Farmer Gutierrez previously served time for menacing for his role in a 2018 non-injury shooting.

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