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Formal charges filed in alleged hostage-taking incident

Donald Rodarte Jr., suspected of holding four construction crew members at gunpoint during a series of events earlier this month, has been charged formally with four counts of felony menacing and false imprisonment.

According to Montrose Combined Court records, Rodarte was also charged with burglary, second-degree assault on a peace officer, possessing a controlled substance and drug possession as a special offender, resisting arrest, false reporting and trespass.

He remained in custody Wednesday in lieu of a $25,000 cash bond.

On Nov. 5, Rodarte allegedly called 911 to report a woman was being held captive in a local hotel. That call prompted a police response, however, no captive was found.

Rodarte reportedly also made calls to dispatch about his father and sister, which brought police out to check on their welfare.

When police located Rodarte, they determined he had a warrant, but said he experienced “some sort of mental episode” and left the scene.

A short time later, police learned of a call from a woman who had locked herself and her children in her vehicle to escape a man who’d shown up at her home and demanded she open her garage. The man was allegedly Rodarte, who reportedly said he thought his sister was being held against her will in the garage.

Police found Rodarte in the Stoney Creek Lane area. He allegedly was walking around with a gun and ran from police, who detained him a short distance away.

During this time, police learned Rodarte had allegedly gone to a home under construction, come into the work area uninvited and pointed his gun at the four men working there. One of the men escaped from a second story window. The others talked Rodarte into leaving, according to his arrest affidavit.

Rodarte is due in court Dec. 9.

Man charged with retaliation over alleged threat to judge

Carlos Bermudez, accused of threatening the judge handling his child custody case, was charged formally with retaliation against a judge; telephone harassment; misdemeanor menacing and violating bond conditions, according to court records.

He is due in court Dec. 23.

Bermudez was arrested in September after allegedly making threats to “kill all cops as well as the judge who (presided) over his case and his probation officer,” his arrest affidavit states.

On Sept. 1, police received a call from the probation officer who said she needed to report a credible threat. The alleged threat was made during a weekly session with a therapist, who did not think it was idle, per the affidavit. Bermudez allegedly said he wanted to get a rifle because they were easier to buy than handguns and that he “wanted to make national news.”

Police developed further information that Bermudez was angry about being denied access to his child, the affidavit says.

The probation officer also shared an email she had received from Bermudez at the end of July. As rendered in the affidavit, Bermudez complained of being unjustly arrested; said he despised police and fantasized about killing them.

Police were informed of that alleged threat and the Center for Mental health reached out to Bermudez as a result.

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