Prison ordered in heroin case

A man found with multiple grams of heroin last summer was sentenced to three years of prison.

Troy McKibben ultimately pleaded guilty to attempted drug distribution, a class-3 drug felony. On Jan. 6, he was sentenced to three years, minus 158 days of pre-sentence confinement, to be followed by a mandatory one-year term of parole. 

The sentence is concurrent with four cases out of Alamosa County, according to Montrose Combined Court records.

A Montrose police sergeant responding to a medical call at a local gas station found McKibben there in his vehicle last August. According to police reports, she spotted drug paraphernalia in plain view, along with a tarry substance and, when she searched the vehicle, found 24 grams of heroin, 7 grams of meth, as well as items that led to McKibben being initially suspected of criminal possession of credit cards and IDs.

Probation sentence resolves multiple cases

Gabriel Brown, who was accused last June of menacing a woman with a knife, was sentenced Jan. 6 on his plea to harassment as an act of domestic violence.

He was sentenced to two years of probation, with 180 days in jail, suspended, that could be imposed if he violates the terms of probation.

Brown also drew concurrent, two-year probation terms for two 2019 cases in which he pleaded to violating protection orders and one case in which he pleaded guilty to violating bond conditions, also as an act of domestic violence.

Assault plea settles 2018 sex offense case

Kahmal Amaya, who was accused of sexual assault in 2018, pleaded guilty last week to the non-sexual offense of second-degree assault.

The second-degree assault charge includes the element of intent to cause serious bodily injury, according to information from court documents. 

Amaya was in April 2018 accused of assaulting a woman at a Delta motel, causing her to bleed. At the time of his arrest, he denied the allegations.

Under Amaya’s plea agreement, prosecutors dismissed the charge of unlawful sexual contact-no consent and the parties agreed to a four-year deferred judgment calling for a community-based sentence as a condition. Supervised sex offender terms are included as a condition of probation, with all other sentencing decisions left open to the court.

Amaya stipulated that his conviction has an underlying sexual factual basis. If he successfully completes the terms of his deferral, though, no conviction will enter.

He was set for formal sentencing March 23.

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