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A trooper who pulled over a man for an obstructed rear window wound up suspecting the driver was under the influence of a substance and, upon searching his vehicle, found drugs that were packaged as if for sale, according to an arrest warrant.

Yonhatan Estrada Cano was arrested Nov. 2 on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute it; drug possession; unlawful use of a controlled substance; driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; possessing drug paraphernalia and failure to provide proof of insurance upon request.

Formal charges are due by Nov. 21.

Colorado State Patrol Trooper Richard Buckingham pulled Estrada Cano over after spotting a large cross hanging from a chain from his rearview mirror, which Buckingham said obstructed the driver’s vision.

Estrada Cano did not have his driver’s license on him and appeared to be intoxicated. He failed to complete roadside sobriety testing, Buckingham said.

The trooper later amended Estrada Cano’s arrest affidavit to say that, although he thought he had advised the suspect roadside tests are voluntary, he was distracted by cars associated with other criminal activity driving by and had not. Nonetheless, Estrada Cano was “so clearly intoxicated” when contacted that he would not have just let him drive away, Buckingham said.

During a pat-down search, Buckingham reportedly found drug paraphernalia in Estrada Cano’s pocket. His behavior led the trooper to believe he was under the influence of meth.

A vehicle search uncovered an alleged “drug kit” containing items people use to take drugs, a ball of plastic with a crystalline substance in it and a bag containing a much larger such bag, or “bindle.” A third bindle appeared to contain a brown substance.

Estrada Cano confirmed a woman traveling with him did not know about the alleged drugs, which he said belonged to someone he had just dropped off at a store, Buckingham said in the affidavit.

Estrada Cano’s current passenger was released.

The CSP alleges Estrada Cano had 17 grams of meth, total, in two of the bindles and about 7 grams of raw heroin in the third.

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