Delta native excited for racing future

Mianna Wick, 18, races her Formula Mazda car through Loophole Racing.

Mianna Wick is getting closer and closer to her dream of joining the professional IndyCar circuit.

What started in her Delta backyard has turned into travels around the country, with the most recent change to competing in a Formula Mazda car.

The thought of signing onto the IndyCar circuit in the future is “surreal.”

“That’s something you lay in bed and dream about before you go to sleep,” Wick said.

The racing career of the 18-year-old Delta native started later than most.

Her father Mike Wick, who used to race motocross, got the idea that the family would enjoy a fun car to drive around in the dirt while they lived in Kansas for a year.

Mianna didn’t agree and said she didn’t enjoy the driving at all for six months.

Then the family returned to Delta, and one kart turned into a few after Mike built a small asphalt track in their backyard.

Mianna, 12 at the time, had trouble getting off it.

“Every day I would go out and drive for three hours straight on that track, shredding the tires and everything,” she said.

That was more than five years ago.

Kart racing in her backyard became Kart racing in Grand Junction, where she won her first race and finished second overall at a regional race that same year.

The first win got her addicted and jumpstarted her serious path to professional racing.

Mianna would race Karts for the next three years before wanting to take her career to the next level.

Unfortunately, she ended up hurt during a practice, breaking her collarbone and doing serious damage to her shoulder. It left her without the ability to race for at least six months.

Thankfully, she was picked up by a sponsor that she had previously tested a 2003 IndyCar with, and they were ready to make her the first open-wheel driver for Loophole Racing, owned by David Hoffpauir.

“They really were encouraged because I’m a firm believer in the Lord Jesus Christ,” said Mianna, who’s slogan is “Living by Faith.”

That relationship helped her reach her first race with the Formula Mazda car, held at High Planes International Raceway outside of Denver in October.

People around her told her to go out and have fun racing, but competitiveness is part of her game, so she went out and won races both days on the track.

Even after just starting her path with the Formula Mazda car, Mianna and her team are already talking about how soon she can make the IndyCar circuit. The plan is to get there in no longer than three years.

“Right now I’m just loving life and really supporting my sponsors for what they’re doing for me,” she said. “It’s just a fantastic journey.”

The winter months change the focus from racing to working for her sponsors, but the schedule isn’t less busy.

Mianna plans to travel around and support her sponsors while also “hunting” for others who might want to support her as well.

There is also some fun ice racing ahead.

“You come up with these crazy ideas to keep your drive satisfied during the winter,” she said.

Each race is a process in working toward her goal and figuring out what she can do better, but it’s always fun for Mianna to think about what she could accomplish in the future.

Mianna said the day that IndyCar contract comes will be the day she spends bawling in disbelief.

“It’s such a blessing. I can’t believe where I’m going to go,” she said. “I thank the Lord Jesus Christ every day for opening doors for where I can be and where I am.”

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