A former Montrose County Sheriff’s Office deputy intends to appeal the dismissal of his federal wrongful termination suit.

Brad Lamb was fired in 2015 from the department and sued it, the former sheriff, former undersheriff and others, alleging he was retaliated against for complaining about incidents of racism and sexism.

The suit, filed in 2016, claimed sheriff’s officials had violated his First Amendment rights, engaged in retaliation and violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as Colorado’s anti-discrimination law.

The sheriff’s office defendants, some of whom were dismissed as the case wound its way through the federal court system, contended Lamb was fired for reasons that were related to his performance, not because of his complaints that other people in the department had engaged in racist or sexist behavior.

The suit did not allege the former sheriff, Rick Dunlap, or Lamb’s supervisor Jason Grundy, had themselves engaged in such behavior.

Lamb in his suit contended he was fired over sending a text to the former police chief in Delta, in which he complained of the alleged conduct, which he had also reported within the agency.

In July, U.S. Magistrate Raymond Moore found Dunlap and Grundy and demonstrated reasons, related to job performance, to support Lamb’s termination.

Moore issued an order of summary judgment, as well as a final judgment in favor of the MCSO, Dunlap and Grundy, ending the case, which had been previously dismissed.

The Aug. 1 filing states Lamb “hereby appeals” the dismissal order, the order of summary judgment and the final judgment.

Appeals documents have not yet been filed.

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