Cory Lyons

This week’s theme: pet owners

Lyons, who grew up in Colorado Springs, has always had a love for animals and that is apparent in the menagerie of pets she kept as a child. Eight years ago, after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in elementary education, she moved to the Uncompahgre Valley with her sweetheart Tim. She taught at Oak Grove Elementary School for a few years before becoming a full-time mom, and now spends her time raising her three children, sourcing and organizing local fresh veggies, fruits and meat for her community, friends and family and loving her dog, Chauce.

Q: Have you always been a pet owner?

A: Yah, I have had pets all of my life. I have had horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, birds, turtles and newts.

Q: Currently, what do you have for pets?

A: Just a dog at this point, and his name is Chauce. We adopted him from a shelter and he is a Great Pyrenees mix.

Q: If someone is looking to get a pet, would you recommend they go through a shelter or a breeder?

A: I think adopting is the way to go. There are so many great pets out there who need good homes. My mom has been very involved in the National Mill Dog Rescue so we have heard the horror stories of how they are treated.

Q: How does Chauce get along with other animals and people?

A: He is an independent dog and a bit stand offish. He loves his family, very protective and he has his favorites.

Q: How does Chauce benefit your family’s life?

A: Chauce has a constant love and excitement to see us and he is a big bright spot in my husband and children’s lives.

Q: What makes your dog so special?

A: I love his raw authentic excitement for the people he adores.

— Nate Wick

“Familiar Faces” is a recurring feature that offers a brief profile of individuals who live in the Uncompahgre Valley in an effort to showcase what makes the area unique. Each week, the focus will shift to representatives of a specific group, such as photographers, teachers, clergy members, etc. To suggest a group or individual, email

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