Daniel Leonardi

Daniel Leonardi

This week’s theme: brewers

Daniel Leonardi is one of the owners and brewers at the 2 Rascals Brewing Company, 147 N. First St, which opened Sept. 20, 2012. Leonardi is from Ouray and has been brewing beer for seven years. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, traveling and scuba driving. 

Q: What brought you to brewing?

A: I’ve always loved beer and thought it would be a good idea, and (I could) save some money by brewing my own. 

Q: Why did you decide to take your brewing hobby and make it a profession?

A: It was always a dream. It seemed like a good opportunity and time to do it. 

Q: What’s the hardest aspect of the brewing process?

A: Keeping everything clean. Everything needs to absolutely sanitary. One piece of bacteria, one piece of wild yeast can ruin an entire batch. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about brewing?

A: Creating the recipes. It’s fun. You can put a twist on it and make it yours. 

Q: With fall coming, will there be any seasonal beers at 2 Rascals?

A: We did a collaboration beer with Ouray Brewery, Avalanche from Silverton, Colo., Colorado Boy and Horsefly. We will have that throughout the fall, and it’s a charity beer so a dollar per pint sold will go to flood victims on the Front Range. We are going to brew something in the next few weeks for the fall, but we’re not sure what yet. 

Q: What is the most unusual beer you’ve made?

A: A German dunkelweizen beer. It’s a dark wheat (beer). It was chocolatey and tasted like a chocolate banana. It was delicious!

— Monica Garcia

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