Desiree Baird

Montrose Marching Band drum major Desiree Baird.

This week’s theme: Montrose High School Marching Band members

Baird was born in California and moved to Montrose when she was 3 years old. She has been in band since she was in sixth grade and started in the marching band her freshman year. Baird is a senior and holds the highest leadership position in the band, drum major.

Q: What does a drum major do?

A: I don’t know if (band director Josiah) St. Peter will agree with me, but I’m kind of his right-hand man. When he’s not there, I take over and I lead the stretch routines or sometimes I’ll get to do basics with the band, which is basically reviewing the basics of marching. I’m timekeeper, I start and stop the band, and I keep time conducting throughout the performance.

Q: Why did you decide to join the band?

A: It’s more of a family thing. My dad was in marching band when he was a kid, and he loved it, and my brother was in marching band, too. So, when I got to high school, I knew I was going to join marching band, and I was going to stick with it as long as I could.

Q: Who is your current favorite musical artist?

A: Right now, I would probably say Ed Sheeran. I think he’s a really good artist.

Q: What makes your band great?

A: I think there are a lot of things that make us great. I think the biggest thing is that we are all willing to work together towards a common goal, and we know that we need to depend on each other to reach that goal. So there’s a sense of responsibility that comes with it, and everyone has that responsibility and pride to do well.

Q: What song would you like the band to perform?

A: We have our show music picked out, but I know we got some new pep band charts in, and one of those is “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green, so I can’t wait to hear them play that.

— Monica Garcia

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