Thomas Harris

This week’s theme: bartenders

Thomas Harris has been a bartender at the RnR Sports Bar for almost two years and has tended bar for eight years. He moved here from Atlanta a few years ago. He enjoys traveling the various mountain passes in the area, fishing and hunting. If you visit RnR, Harris suggests you try the grapefruit greyhound, made with California grapefruit and Boston vodka, or his blue raspberry tart shot creation.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: The diversity. Everyday is something different. Coming up with new drinks and interacting with people.

Q: What is the most popular drink you serve at RnR?

A: It’s a tossup between our margaritas and our bloody Marys, both of which we make from scratch with some of the best ingredients. They are really tasty.

Q: If someone approached the bar and asked for a drink suggestion, what would you suggest they drink?

A: Depends on the person. [If a female came up to the bar] a really good one is a gummy bear or an absolute mess. They’re tasty, they’re sweet and they don’t really taste like alcohol. For a guy, I always try to suggest one of our craft beers or [whiskey]. I’m also a big whiskey head. We have a number of fairly decent, top-of-the-line, good whiskeys, so I always try to suggest one of those and to get it with a side of water and sip it. Enjoy all that goes into making those.

Q: What is the most challenging drink you’ve made and why?

A: It’s a funny name, but sex with an alligator. It has about seven layers. It’s a multilayered drink. It has a lot of ingredients, and you have to be extremely careful when you are serving it. You serve it up in a martini glass and the layers look like a rainbow going up through it. You have to have a steady hand and patience to make sure that the levels don’t mix. It looks amazing!

— Monica Garcia

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