Tisha McCombs

This week’s theme: Summer of Health organizers

A native of Savannah, Ga., McCombs studied criminal justice in college with the intent of becoming a prison warden. She moved to Montrose in 2006 to be with her family and now serves as general manager of the Montrose Daily Press. McCombs has one son, Tyler.

Q: How did you become interested in healthful habits?

A: I’ve always been interested in physical fitness and sports, and stayed very active, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I really started trying to focus on healthier eating and establishing better habits on my food choices. Being from the South, we tend to fry everything, load it with butter, and then add cheese and whatever else we come up with that tastes great but isn’t good for us a bit! So it takes hard work for me to change these habits and embrace healthier eating.

Q: How does the Montrose Daily Press promote good health?

A: We always try to support and encourage our staff to be involved in different health and fitness-related events in the community like CASA’s annual dodgeball tournament, the Black Canyon Ascent, and coaching for local schools and the Rec District, to name a few.

Q: What else keeps you busy?

A: Outside of work, my son and I stay busy having fun together and enjoying all of the family activities Montrose has to offer. I also sit on the board of directors for the Montrose Recreation District, so that is also where I spend a lot of time and focus and try to encourage active living to the community.

Q: What do you hope the community got out of the Summer of Health?

A: I have had several people tell me how grateful they are that we led this initiative and that it really helped kick start them to change some lifestyle habits that were having a negative impact on their health. My hope is that these people, and hopefully many others, are able to maintain these habits and make lifelong changes that will improve theirs and their family’s quality of life.

— Nate Wick

“Familiar Faces” is a recurring feature that offers a brief profile of individuals who live in the Uncompahgre Valley in an effort to showcase what makes the area unique. Each week, the focus will shift to representatives of a specific group, such as photographers, teachers, clergy members, etc. To suggest a group or individual, email editor@montrosepress.com.

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