If spring wasn’t here before, it most definitely is now.

Friday afternoon, it was 72 degrees and sunny, meaning folks in Montrose were out and about, enjoying the nice weather in the local parks.

At the Montrose dog park, canines were frolicking with each other while owners looked on and smiled.

At Riverbottom Park, people were just enjoying the sound of the river and the cool breeze that came off the water as the sun beamed down.

One couple, Mike and Cathy Denton, were taking an especially important walk through the park. The walk was on the same trail they used to take their pup Elvis walking. Sadly, the American Staffordshire terrier recently died of cancer and they decided to do the walk in his memory.

He was “a hunk, a hunk of burning love,” Cathy said of their late best friend.

Jimmy Keltner smiled at the dog park as he watched his chocolate labrador run around the park.

Then there was Seth Bishop, dominating the walking trails from Riverbottom to Cerise Park on his longboard.

A Hamboard, which he described as “in the style of a surfboard,” is his mode of transportation on an especially nice day like the one Friday.

“One of my buddies way back in the day got me into it,” he said of his hobby. “He’s not so much into it anymore, but I still like to get out on it.

The forecast predicts highs in the 70s through Monday before the weather drops back into the 60s next Tuesday through Sunday.

Justin Tubbs is the Montrose Daily Press managing editor.

Justin Tubbs is the Montrose Daily Press managing editor. 

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