FOOD: A stew fit for misfits

Purslane chile verde. (Ari LeVaux/Special to the Montrose Daily Press)

Pity the misfit tomatillo, a.k.a. the Mexican husk tomato. Most cooks don’t know what to do with that swaddled orb that looks like a paper lantern and tastes like some underripe fruit. Green salsa is the most common application, but I usually prefer tomato salsa, in part because tomatillos can be a bit slimy.

So where does that leave the poor tomatillo? Our one good idea, salsa, is second string to everyone’s favorite tomato salsa. Our misunderstood, underappreciated hero is like the last kid picked to play kickball. Luckily, tomatillos can stay fresh for a long time, because they might languish in the fridge.

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