Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman participates in a 2018 candidate forum. 

District 2 City Council member Dave Bowman has resigned, effective this past Monday, City Clerk Lisa DelPiccolo confirmed to the Montrose Daily Press Tuesday.

“The Montrose Summer Music Series is commanding much more of my time and energy this year,” Bowman said in his resignation letter on Monday. “This is a difficult decision. I have given it great consideration. My heart and soul lays with this community.”

Bowman thanked the community for the opportunity to serve on the city council and will continue to serve through the Montrose Summer Music Series.

Bowman is the subject of an open complaint to the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission.

Janece Culver, who ran Divot’s, the former restaurant at the city-run Black Canyon Golf Course, complained that Bowman, who was serving as mayor at the time and who remains the organizer of the Montrose Summer Music Series, charged her on a per-beer basis for concessions sold at the music event.

The disagreement between Culver and Bowman became public in 2019 when Culver spoke with press.

The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division ruled the arrangement was a violation of the division’s laws, rules and regulations; but neither Culver nor Bowman were fined for the violation.

Bowman responded to the complaint. But as of Tuesday, no ruling had been made as to whether there were ethics violations in the arrangement. The full complaint and Bowman’s response can be found on the Colorado Ethics Commission’s website.

Montrose City Council previously made a statement that the complaint was a private matter and decided not to take any action. That statement came after Montrose Police Department decided not to investigate the case as a criminal matter.

The city has since taken over the restaurant at the golf course and has renamed it the Rusty Putter.

The City of Montrose said it is taking applications for the vacant seat. The deadline to apply is May 20 at 6 p.m.

Montrose City Council is expected to fill a vacancy tonight after City Council member Roy Anderson gave notice of his resignation in March.

The Montrose Daily Press wasn’t able to immediately reach Bowman for comment.

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