Public sentiment regarding the 1890 Homestead Project remains mixed

The location for the HUB at Montrose Crossing, alongside Cobble Drive. 

The HUB at Montrose Crossing, a proposed 500 unit 35-acre multi-family and senior living housing development located at the corner of 6450 Road and Cobble Drive, will change course, as Matt Miles, the project’s applicant and founder of Leadership Circle, LLC, a real estate development company, plans to pull the planned development application and move forward with a straight zone, conforming use by right project at market rate pricing (the area is zoned R3-A, a medium-high density district, which allows for construction of multi-family housing).

Instead, a single, 160-unit building will be built across from Spruce Point, alongside 6450 Road, as part of Phase 1, Miles told the Montrose Daily Press. No variances are needed if the project is a single building layout (variances were necessary for the proposed multiple building layout, which is why the planned development application was reviewed by the City of Montrose Planning Commission).

Future phases, as of now, are “ambiguous” and to be determined, though Miles says it’s possible the new layout could lead to more than 500 units.

Additional amenities include a pair of dog parks, and the housing development will be fenced and gated. The layout will be more concentrated rather than spread out featuring multiple buildings — the several building layout was how the project was featured in the planned development. Miles says he’s confident the project will maintain its “overall look.”

The applications were approved — with conditions — by the planning commission in February and were to be reviewed by Montrose City Council, but the move by Miles scraps the planned development and preliminary plat for the HUB.

City council had been waiting on Miles to bring the project forth for consideration, with the planning commission’s conditioned approval and recommendation, but that will change as Miles will bring the project forth as a use-by-right development.

Under the planned development application, the project proposed multiple buildings in each of the first two phases on the 35-acre parcel, with density at 14 to 15 units per acre. Phase 2 included additional multi-family housing units, with a senior living portion in Phase 3. Additional amenities in Phase 1 included the construction of a swimming pool, community business center, weight room, walking trails and a dog park.

A city street, Sanctuary Drive, coming off 6450 Road and Cobble Drive, was to run through the project. The new layout won’t include that street.

Approved conditions from the planning commission called for the density to be reduced to 7 units per acre, in addition to requiring all perimeter setbacks be set to city standards (a request for setback relief was for a building next to Chipeta Road, which was proposed at 17.4 feet from the property line, lower than the required 20 in the city’s Municipal Code).

The call for reduction in density sliced the development’s projected total units by half (250), which isn’t economy of scale, Miles said.

Current projections estimate 518 units through the single-building layout, he added.

A budgetary number, from the city’s water, sewer and general fund budget, is currently $2.34 million for the HUB, which projects to help with the public infrastructure of the project.

A target date to break ground on the project is July 1, but could stretch to early September.

Josue Perez is a staff writer for the Montrose Daily Press

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