Kiera Iversen MCSD spelling bee winner

Kiera Iversen, an Olathe Middle School 7th grader, won the Montrose County School District Spelling Bee and will represent the district at the state spelling bee Saturday.

The nerves had set in as she took her place alongside other students in the district, but Kiera Iversen had prepared for the spelling bee and was ready.

“I was very nervous, but very proud to help represent my school,” Kiera said.

Montrose County School District held its District Spelling Bee Feb. 12 through the Scripps National Bee Online Testing Platform. Kiera, a seventh-grader at Olathe Middle School was named the MCSD District Spelling Bee Champion and will represent the district in the Denver Post Colorado State Spelling Bee Saturday, March 13.

She said she prepared for the district spelling bee every day but had only participated in one spelling bee previously.

“I prepared for the spelling bee by practicing my words for 10 minutes every day, and spelling my words to my parents,” she said. “I dedicated about 10-15 minutes a night to studying for the spelling bee.”

As she competed, she remained focused on sounding out her words and remembering her tricks to move her onto the next rounds. Remaining focused on every word, Kiera said she does not remember the winning word she spelled but remembers being recognized at school.

“I was very surprised but excited and proud when Mr. Brown (Scot Brown, OMHS principal) awarded me the champion trophy,” she said.

Brown described Kiera as an awesome student and he was not surprised to learn she won the MCSD Spelling Bee.

“I am extremely proud of her and her accomplishment,” he said. “I have been here at OMHS for 13 years and to the best of my knowledge, she is the first OMS student to win the entire MCSD spelling bee competition.”

“One of the things I appreciate about Kiera is not only her academic stamina, but also the fact that she is a well-rounded student who is respectful, kind, and thoughtful,” Brown added. “I can’t wait to see more of her accomplishments as she progresses through school and her future.”

Brown said he encourages students who compete in the spelling bee to invest in their academic futures and continue growing their vernacular to aid their progression through school.

With the state spelling bee days away, Kiera is continuing to dedicate time to studying her words.

“I am preparing for the spelling bee by practicing my words with my family every night,” she said. “I take extra time to memorize the challenging words and think about them in chunks to help me even more.”

Lauren Brant is a staff writer and digital content coordinator for the Montrose Daily Press.

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