Mingle Dance hall and bar under construction

Pictured is the exterior of 233/235 N. First St. in downtown Montrose. Before the end of the year, it could be a new bar and dance hall. The interior was undergoing remodeling as of Wednesday, Oct. 16. 

A local woman hopes to open a new bar called Mingle before the end of the year, and she got a little help when Montrose City Council unanimously approved her application for a restaurant liquor license Tuesday.

Carmen Coronado, the owner of the bar, wants it to serve as a dance hall and concert venue, on top of being a sports bar with easy eats. The establishment is located at 233/235 N. First St. in downtown Montrose. The building has previously served as other bars and restaurants.

She pitched the idea to city council to prove she was deserving of the liquor license. Among the themed nights Coronado said she wanted to hold at the venue were a 40-and-older night, country dancing night, salsa dancing night and a teen night. The teen night idea prompted questions from City Attorney Stephen Alcorn, who said city councilors wanted to be sure alcohol wouldn’t be served to minors at the establishment.

“We’re going to talk about underage drinking, and, probably, that is the No. 1 problem I have with your business model,” he said.

Alcorn recommended consulting with Montrose County School District school resource officers and Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Bud Taylor, who happened to be in attendance at the Tuesday council meeting, seeking support for a USDA loan application. Alcorn said those people have experience managing children and teens.

“I want to have something where the alcohol is locked up in the bar area (when there are teen nights),” Coronado said. “I’m working on a way to make sure it’s completely locked so there’s no access to alcohol.”

She also tossed around ideas like having paid security guards onsite, not allowing re-entry for teens who decide to leave on such nights and possibly utilizing a breathalyzer to make sure intoxicated teens can’t enter.

Coronado submitted 101 signatures on a petition for allowing Mingle to have a liquor license. There were no signatures against or people who spoke out against allowing the liquor license.

Coronado admitted she doesn’t have a background in the bar or restaurant industry but that she is seeking counsel from people who do know about the industry.

Coronado is renting the building. The owner of the property voiced his support, saying Coronado and her husband, Armando, owner of Pro Services roofing business, have a vision for the establishment and that he believes they can run a successful business.

“I just want to say I think your concept is really exciting — kids need something to do that’s entertaining — so I wish you a lot of luck in your business model,” said City Councilor Roy Anderson. “Just manage it right and keep alcohol out of the hands of the kids.”

Councilor Judy Ann Files reflected on a time when Montrose had socials and dances in the community and agreed having a place to dance again would be nice.

Justin Tubbs is the Montrose Daily Press managing editor. 

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