Man accused of armed truck theft, kidnapping

Zachary Bayhan

A Delta couple who stopped for gas at a fueling station March 18 were allegedly taken at gunpoint by a man who wanted their truck, and who warned them against calling police.

Zachary Bayhan, 22, was arrested the next day on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping as a high-risk offense; false imprisonment; aggravated robbery; felony menacing; first-degree criminal trespass; second-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft; possession of a weapon by a previous offender; prohibited use of a weapon and violating bond in earlier cases.

According to an arrest affidavit — which points to the possibility of others being involved — the alleged victim started fueling up his 2007 Chevy at Stinker’s gas station, 101 N. Main St. in Delta, while his girlfriend waited in the passenger seat.

Bayhan, who was known to the man, allegedly arrived in a sedan, brandished a handgun and pointed it at the female passenger’s stomach, declaring he was going to take the truck and sell it. Bayhan allegedly made his way into the truck and forced the owner to drive away. He allegedly ordered the man and woman to shut off their phones and told them: “You better hope to God we don’t see no cops.”

The alleged victim reported he was made to drive to a field off 1550 Road, with the sedan following behind.

The truck parked behind a trailer on the property. Its occupants complied with instructions to put their phones and hands on the dash, the affidavit says.

Bayhan then allegedly took the keys and ordered the pair to remove their personal belongings; however, the man said, other individuals on the property unloaded his tools. Items in the truck included a generator, nail guns, air compressor, toolbox and various tools.

The truck’s occupants were then given back their phones and told to get off the property, but with a warning not to turn on the phones or “I’ll shoot you right here,” the affidavit further alleges Bayhan said.

Police said the female alleged victim attempted to text 911 with the word “help” at one point, but she stopped when she saw people on the Bayhan property walking toward her.

The man told officers he was afraid of being shot and that he and the woman walked to some apartments where the woman contacted someone for a ride.

Police learned from the alleged victim that he had borrowed money from a Bayhan family member. However, the man told police, he had made good on his debt by making a small cash payment and by building a shed, yet Bayhan cited that loan when he took the truck by force, the affidavit alleges.

The pair called police March 19. The next day, the Delta Police Department responded to an unrelated incident, during which they arrested Bayhan on the robbery and kidnapping warrant.

Early March 21, a Delta County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted a 2007 Chevy near 1550 Road and U.S. 50 as it parked and the driver got out to open a gate.

The deputy ran the truck’s plate and confirmed it had been reported stolen, Sheriff Mark Taylor said.

Its driver reportedly told the deputy that a family member had purchased the truck; he insisted several times the vehicle was not stolen.

But the owner told deputies he had not signed over the vehicle’s title, Taylor said.

Taylor identified the man driving the truck that morning as Chance Maudlin-Meehan and said he was arrested on suspicion of aggravated motor vehicle theft. Maudlin-Meehan is free on bond and formal charges have not been filed. His next court date is April 1.

Bayhan was at last report being held on a $150,000 bond; per the affidavit, an elevated bond was sought because Bayhan was already out on bail in four other cases, including a Christmas incident in which he was accused of shooting at his brother. He is due in court April 8.

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