The Montrose County Republican Party at its Wednesday central committee meeting voted to endorse a “no” vote for Ballot Issue 2A, which would increase the Montrose sales tax rate to provide more funding for the Montrose Police Department.

“Montrose County Republican Party is in full support of the Montrose Police Department, Chief Blaine Hall, Support for Public Safety, the need for additional Officers and new facilities,” the Republican Party affiliate stated in a release Thursday. “Montrose GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility, limited government and does not support a sales tax increase to correct the problem forced on the MPD.”

The GOP goes on to say in its statement it would like to see the Montrose City Council “align priorities” to make sure public safety is held as most important.

“With rising crime rates, drug use and increasing response times there should be no higher priority,” the release states.

The party also voted at its Wednesday meeting to “adamantly oppose” Proposition CC, Montrose County GOP Chair Ray Langston told the Daily Press.

“This will in-effect eliminate TABOR and allow the legislature to spend without limits,” Langston wrote in an email.

The party endorsed a “yes” vote for Proposition DD which would authorize the state to collect a 10% tax up to $29 million a year from casinos’ sports-betting proceeds.

“While we would prefer that our water projects be funded through the legislative process, all votes in the Democrat controlled legislature for water projects have been defeated thus far,” Langston said.

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