Students arrive at Montrose High School

A Montrose High School student in Cohort A tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in over 30 students and staff members being asked to quarantine.

The Montrose County School District COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) received confirmation that a person in the Montrose High School Cohort B group, who quarantined on Wednesday, Oct. 14 tested positive for COVID-19.

Working with Montrose County Public Health, the district contract traced staff and students with whom the person had prolonged close contact, and who now need to quarantine and seek testing.

According to a district press release on Tuesday, Oct. 20, CRT determined that two new MHS staff members and 33 new MHS students must quarantine and get tested. Three MHS staff and seven MHS students will have their quarantine period extended.

The district also noted how every school year it keeps close tabs on student attendance and instructional calendar days.

Thus far, we have not seen a drop in daily attendance percentage or an increase in absenteeism as a result of illness exclusion or required quarantine periods due to the novel coronavirus.”

The following information was included in a MCSD Oct. 14 release and has been included for additional background on the current update.

An individual in a Montrose High School Cohort B classroom tested positive for COVID-19, according to a press release from Montrose County School District Wednesday, Oct. 14.

The district’s COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) received confirmation of the positive test result and conducted contact tracing. CRT determined that six staff members and 36 students at MHS met the definition of close contact and will need to quarantine and seek free COVID-19 testing.

The person was asymptomatic while on campus, but was still contagious, according to details in the press release. The individual stayed home immediately after developing symptoms.

MCSD worked with Montrose County Public Health to contract trace any staff and students with whom the individual had prolonged close contact. Prior to public notification, MCSD notified all affected individuals.

MCSD and MCPH reminds the community people in quarantine must stay home and not co-mingle with members of other classroom cohorts. Disruption of the cohort system places schools at a greater risk of campus-wide closures.

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