A Montrose man has been accused of felony sex offenses against a young girl, said to have occurred about five times when she was under 10.

Jared Crippin, 35, is now free on a $60,000 bond. He was arrested on a warrant Nov. 27, alleging sexual assault by a person in a position of trust as a pattern and an aggravated sex offense. Montrose County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Brittany Martinez also listed the statutory citation for a crime eligible for an indeterminate sentence, citing the circumstances and age of the alleged victim.

Formal charges are pending.

On Nov. 21, a Montrose Police Department detective contacted Martinez to report the girl’s alleged disclosure of sexual abuse at Crippin’s home in the county. The information came to the police during a different investigation pertaining to an address in the city that was not connected with Crippin.

The girl initially denied any sexual abuse, but later during a forensic interview alleged incidents of sexual assault when she was in Crippin’s care, and said that he had on one occasion “stopped doing it because I didn’t want him to do it anymore because it hurt a little,” Martinez wrote in the affidavit.

Martinez arranged to interview Crippin, who initially agreed to come in Nov. 27, but called that morning to reschedule because of his work. She then sought and obtained an arrest warrant.

Crippin is due in court Dec. 12 for a bail hearing.

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