People everywhere strive to make time for, and come up with, crafts and hobbies. Those activities provide avenues for countless people to unwind, reach goals and have fun within their busy schedules…March just so happens to be National Craft Month. There are numerous programs at this library to help people pursue their hobbies. What could be a better opportunity than National Craft Month to introduce a few opportunities and tools to help you “get crafty?”

I’ll start with a program we’ve held for years, and a wonderful opportunity to help charitable causes, Crafternoon. Crafternoon is held on the first, second and third Wednesdays of every month, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., in the Montrose Library Meeting Room. It’s an opportunity to take part in craftivism, a chance to improve the world! Crafters have knitted useful items to support all kinds of institutions – from animal shelters to nursing homes. You may also bring your own personal project and enjoy the company of fellow crafters at these events.

A new program we are trying this season is Unwind: Knit & Crochet. It’s occurring every three weeks on Wednesdays from 5 to 6:30 p.m.. If you’re reading this article, you might just make it in time for the next meeting on March 11. Use your yarn and needles, or borrow ours, for an evening of free-form knitting and crochet.

Whether or not knitting and crocheting are your go-to crafts, we have books and events available to inform and help you explore many options. For example, you could learn how to grow, cook and arrange tasty plants with “The Colorado Gardener’s Companion” by Jodi Torpey. That book provides valuable information about which plants can be grown in different areas, and how to grow those plants. We also have a Gardening Seminar Series, every Monday from 6:30 to 8, to help you learn more about gardening in this state.

If you’re more interested in painting and re-decorating, you could be interested in “Annie Sloan Paints Everything” by Annie Sloan. This book includes whimsical and interesting ways to use paint to re-decorate all kinds of items such as fabric, furniture, lighting, etc…if you’re feeling a little less daring, you might opt for a book on paper arts. “Japanese Paper Flowers” by Hiromi Yamazaki offers practical instructions on how to create, and use for decoration, many elegant flowers.

Whether you’re interested in crafts, or any other hobbies you’ve come to enjoy, feel free to stop by this library to explore our resources! We’ll be happy to direct you to items (and, hopefully events) to help you pursue your many interests.

Taylor Evans is an adult services librarian at the Montrose Regional Library.

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