OUTDOORS: It is time to lose the hiking boots?

Is it time to lose those old hiking boots? Science seems to think it is. (Special to the Montrose Daily Press/Mark Rackay)

I have never had much faith in science, probably because I was never much good at it. It is true science has cured many diseases, brought us space travel, and invented many substances that are geared to make our life easier. Ask any science freak and they will drone on for hours about all the successes of modern science.

Being the eternal pessimist and part-time denier, I spend most of my science time pointing out all the things science has been wrong about. Back in the 60s, science was telling us another ice age was just around the corner. Medical scientists have not been able to make up their mind whether salt is truly bad for you. Ever since I found out what the scientific word “hypothesis” meant, I have been leery of any “new findings” because something I like to eat, or drink is going to get taken away.

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