a striped bark scorpion

A close-up (closer than I ever want to get) of a striped bark scorpion. 

When I hear the word “scorpion,” I get visions of a mean and nasty biker gang. All dressed in leather jackets, carrying chains and switchblades, the mean and nasty biker gang pillages the village and stampedes the cattle. In reality, I would rather face the biker gang than a member of the arachnid class.

Spiders and scorpions are both members of the arachnid family. It is difficult to imagine how something so small can elicit such a degree of fear in people. Scorpions are the older members of the family, dating back some 400 million years. The ancient members of this family often exceeded 2 feet in length. You are not going to squish one of them with a shoe.

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