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(From left) Ben Pleasant, Theo Kandel, Sam Lazarus, Gavin Becker and Jeremy Trujillo form the band Peachy. The group will be opening for Groovement at the Montrose Summer Music Series this Friday. 

Montrose native Jeremy Trujillo is coming back home to perform, but he’s not the only one that feels at home. After playing a show at Horsefly Brewing Company Monday, the whole band is feeling the hometown vibe.

“It’s awesome seeing that support, from the beginning when we announced on social media … this is our first song, people have been so insanely supportive and everyone’s just jumping on and sharing stuff, just so much positive feedback,” Trujillo said.

Band member Ben Pleasant said, even being an outsider he’s been made to feel at home. People have done things from buy the band beer to offering their kayaks, he added.

Within the first two months of releasing their first song, there has been so much support from Montrose streamed the band’s music more than any other city, beating out Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Nashville.

Their group, Peachy, will be the opening act for Groovement at the Montrose Summer Music Series, or MSMS, at 6 p.m. Friday at Black Canyon Golf Course, 1350 Birch St., Montrose. The band is also set to perform the MSMS after party alongside Joint Point 9 p.m. that night at Intrinzik, 512 E. Main St., Montrose.

This is the first time the MSMS will have an out-of-town opener, MSMS founder Dave Bowman, who also serves as mayor or Montrose, said. Bowman has known Trujillo and his family for several years, and last summer while the Montrose High School graduate was back working at Horsefly, he asked if Peachy could be an opener at MSMS, Bowman recalled.

“Jeremy sent me sent me some songs which were great and that clinched the deal,” Bowman said. “Peachy already has quite a following, and their Montrose debut at Horsefly last Monday was standing room only outside. Montrose is going to love these guys.”

Peachy is currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Members are: Trujillo who plays the drums; Gavin Becker, originally from Pennsylvania, plays the synthesizer, piano and sings; Pleasant, originally from North Carolina, is the lead guitarist and started with the band in January; Theo Kandel, originally from New York, is the rhythm guitarist/ backup vocalist and has been playing with the band for a few days; Sam Lazarus, also from Pennsylvania, plays the bass guitar/ backup vocals.

Members of the group have all attended or are attending Vanderbilt University. Many of the members have also been or are roommates with each other, but they have all been friends for a while. The group enjoys their time among friends.

Founding members Becker and Lazarus have known each other since kindergarten and have played with each other at various levels since fifth grade when they formed their first band. The band tragically broke up when they were in eighth grade but the two continued to play with each other on and off, Becker said.

Going into college, the two again decided to form a band. After a three month search for a drummer, Lazarus found Trujillo, who was living on his dorm floor. The three then formed Peachy.

“We had the name ‘Peachy’ before Jeremy joined because I was trying to describe the sound I wanted to get out of the music, and for some reason the word ‘Peachy,’ I wanted it to sound ‘Peachy’ came up and we were like, ‘That’s a pretty good band name,’” Becker said.

Their first and second semester as freshmen in college, the band wrote its first collection of songs and started practicing for gigs. The group travelled to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to record their songs. The producer they worked with had a makeshift studio in his apartment, Becker said, adding they recorded drums in the producer’s bedroom and vocals in the closet.

The three original songs recorded there are the ones that can now be found on Spotify. Peachy started by playing on their campus and eventually made their way up to Marathon Music Works — one of the largest venues in Nashville.

Each musician draws inspiration from different places. Pleasant, for example, came in with a lot of roots-rock background, but as a guitarist he tries “serving the music” meaning he will work around the song and make it the best it can be. Becker said lately the group draws a lot from Fleetwood Mac and songs from the 80s.

Peachy will be playing two or three new songs at the MSMS. The band has also started writing a song this week while traveling, and is hoping to perform it Friday. Drawing inspiration from the mountains, the band is looking to have a creative week full of writing.

“I really enjoy the whole process I guess, especially this semester a lot of stuff has come to a head,” Trujillo said. “We’ve been writing for so long. We’ve been playing our three originals for awhile now but this semester really expanding our set and seeing the first glimpse of being a full touring band. Expanding our repertoire of going from when you first write the melodies and lyrics to having a five piece band, everyone playing polished written original parts and then for a crowd. Just seeing that entire process has been awesome.”

The band encourages music lovers to come out to the golf course as the there is an awesome crowd there, Trujillo said. He has been to number of MSMS concerts but he has been in the back working for Horsefly. The band is hoping the dance floor will be packed as their set is dance-driven.

They are a young, full of energy band and that makes it fun and a great time, the band said, adding if they are having fun, the crowd is having fun. There would be a wide variety of covers and if you like the covers, the hope is that the audience will also like the originals.

Pleasant said this is a unique opportunity for concert-goers. He enjoys watching bands that are at the stage that his band is at — still figuring out their sound — and you don’t always get to see that when attending a more-known band’s show.

“Seeing the excitement, this town truly comes out for these concerts and it’s so fun to be there,” Trujillo said. “I can’t imagine how fun it’s going to be to play for everyone.”

Monica Garcia is the news editor at the Montrose Daily Press.

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