Montrose Police Department

The Montrose Police Department.

Three people allegedly trespassing in another person’s garage were found to have filled it with personal items — and marijuana plants with an aggregate weight of 159 pounds, arrest affidavits say.

Scott L. May, 34; Michael T. Garcia, 41, and James R. Converse, 68, were arrested Thursday evening. They are suspected of second-degree burglary, marijuana offenses, criminal mischief and violation of previous bond conditions. Formal charges are due Oct. 1.

May remained in custody on a $10,000 bond Friday, according to jail records. Converse and Garcia were released on personal recognizance bonds.

Montrose Police Officer Troy Tomasko was paged to a trespassing report on Ogden Road at about 7:30 Thursday evening. The property owner there reported “squatters” were breaking into a building and had damaged its doors and locks to gain access.

While the report was being made, Tomasko spotted people going into the building, using a flashlight to illuminate their path. Tomasko had the property owner wait at a safe distance and approached the building with two other officers.

As officers drew closer, the strong odor of green marijuana wafted out of the building, Tomasko wrote in the affidavit. At about that time, a man emerged from the door; he immediately put his hands up when the officer drew down on him and announced the police presence.

Two others then came out of the building.

The three were identified as May, Garcia and Converse. They allegedly admitted they knew they weren’t supposed to be in the building and Garcia allegedly stated “it would be all of ours” when Tomasko asked the men about “large quantities” of marijuana hanging from the ceiling. This, Garcia reportedly said, had been grown at “a friend’s house.”

Inside the building, officers found art hanging on the walls, beds, workout equipment, a barbecue and several other personal items. On a table was found “a large pile of marijuana” and a large jar of clipped marijuana. Scissors and marijuana clippings littered the floor.

According to the affidavit, Garcia and Converse had been staying in the building for between three and six days, they told officers, while May said he hadn’t been staying in the building, but was just helping Garcia.

Garcia later told the officer he had a medical marijuana card, then admitted it had expired, the affidavit alleges. The document also says he admitted to giving marijuana away to people who need it and that he intended to process all of the pot so that nothing would “go to waste.”

The men also reportedly said there were lots of pot plants growing of the property, which they had not planted; however, these plants were actually hemp and the property had been leased to a hemp company.

After the property owner checked out the building, it was determined to have sustained about $250 in damage to its doors.

The marijuana was taken as evidence. The unprocessed plants weighed about 156.4 pounds, while the buds weighed about 2.6 pounds, according to a reading from a non-certified scale, as cited in the affidavit.

Katharhynn Heidelberg is the Montrose Daily Press assistant editor and senior writer. Follow her on Twitter, @kathMDP.

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