Pump Track

The bicycle pump track located in the heart of the Riverbottom Park complex as of June 8, 2020. The park is currently closed to make improvements and remodels. 

The bicycle pump track in the Riverbottom Park complex was recently closed in order for reconstruction and improvement efforts to take place. The track will remain closed for approximately two more weeks while park staff makes renovations.

The old track will be completely removed, with a new one replacing it.

“Today, we were over there and basically scraped the old one flat, and completely eliminated it,” said Parks and Recreation Superintendent Jackie Bubenik. “Tomorrow we will be hauling approximately 250 cubic yards of fill material out there to rebuild the pump track.”

The new track being placed will have more emphasis on challenge and amenities, using a design that has been successful with other pump tracks. Another track will also be placed nearby for beginners, allowing new users to learn while experienced users will have access to a more challenging track.

“Everything will be different. It’ll be a true pump track — much better designed and much more user friendly, and a much better experience with higher banks and better amenities out there than what was there previously,” Bubenik said. “[The old track] was well used, but this one is a much better design with much better functionality.”

Bubenik said that by using a more functional and universal design, he hopes the pump track will both increase engagement in the Montrose area and draw people in from outside the community. He also said the city is looking at getting more groups, namely local students, involved at the track.

There will also be room for further expansion on the city’s bike trails and amenities, which Bubenik hopes the community will support.

“We hope we can make this more of a regional draw, and have something for everybody. With the better design and layout, there will be something from the absolute beginner to the experienced user,” Bubenik said. “We’re hoping for support for when we go to the community and ask for additional funding to expand on the existing bike trail system, for all users.”

Due to the use of truckloads of dirt and heavy machinery during construction, the park asks that the public stay outside the work area until the project is complete. The city is looking at hosting a volunteer day in which people can help with the building of the track, and more information on that event will be released soon, along with the official grand reopening date.

Until then, Bubenik encouraged the community to continue to give the city suggestions and ideas for further improvements.

“We’re always looking for input,” Bubenik said. “As a department and city, we’re looking for any ideas for better ways we can do things, they’re always welcome.”

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