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What began as a motorist assist turned into a drug investigation resulting in the arrests of two Montrose residents in San Miguel County, the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday.

Shana Crosby and Francisco Perez are accused of being in possession of one pound of methamphetamine, as well as several pipes used to smoke the drug. Arrested Nov. 7, the two at last report remained in the San Miguel County Jail.

Crosby, 40, was held on suspicion of drug possession, driving under restraint, possession of drug paraphernalia and violating her bond in another case.

Perez, 33, was held on suspicion of drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Although his last known address is listed as Montrose, Perez was also held for “immigration fugitive of justice,” according to booking records.

Formal charges against both are pending.

On Nov. 7, the SMCSO received a call from a passerby who reported a woman dealing with a disabled vehicle on Colorado 145, near Ophir.

When deputies arrived, the driver, later alleged to be Crosby, was pouring water into an overheated radiator, but declined assistance. Deputies noticed she appeared nervous, with shaking hands and a lack of eye contact.

They later learned Crosby’s driver’s license was revoked, and when they saw her driving despite that, pulled her over at mile marker 67 on the highway. She was arrested on allegations of driving under restraint.

Her male passenger, alleged to be Perez, reportedly refused to identify himself and claimed not to know Crosby, or in whose vehicle he was riding.

Deputies contacted the vehicle’s registered owner in Montrose, who told them someone had borrowed the vehicle, although she did not know who. The registered owner gave permission to search the vehicle.

Investigators then found several meth pipes and a package of a crystalline substance that was wrapped up tight in bubble wrap, the agency alleged, adding the substance tested positive for meth.

Crosby and Perez’s bonds were $60,000 upon arrest.

Just days earlier, Crosby had been arrested on a warrant in Montrose, which had been issued in an October matter. The warrant alleges second-degree burglary, theft and criminal mischief.

According to that warrant, Crosby was found to be using another person’s camping trailer, as shown by personal items found inside it, including a Bible with her name written in it.

The trailer’s owner said it had been taken from Bostwick Park, along with his bicycle. Crosby allegedly claimed not to know the origin of the trailer and said she was in the process of purchasing it after it arrived at the property of a friend.

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office doubted her story and asked again who had towed the trailer off Bostwick Park; Crosby said she didn’t know, but could get the information, however, she did not do so, the warrant says.

Video surveillance later obtained showed two other vehicles involved in the towing of the camper; one of those was an SUV registered to Crosby “that had been used to flee a theft scene on two separate occasions just days after the camper trailer was recovered,” MCSO Investigator Dustin Harlow wrote in the document.

Harlow said Crosby was present at a Spring Creek address Oct. 29 when police and sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics teams served warrants on an unrelated case in which drugs and firearms reportedly were found. (Arrests directly related to what was discovered at Spring Creek had not at last report occurred, because the investigation was not complete.)

In executing the search warrants, though, investigators found the title to the camper in Crosby’s vehicle and the bike belonging to the camper’s owner was found in the residence, the burglary warrant for Crosby says.

Harlow said in the warrant the evidence pointed to Crosby having been “untruthful.” The evidence indicated Crosby had entered the camper without permission, constituting second-degree burglary, and committed theft by taking the bicycle, as well as criminal mischief by having removed the original padlock on the trailer and replacing it with one of her own, the warrant alleges.

Formal charges in that case are due Nov. 21.

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