Jay Cimino remembers the fall day in 2017 when his “Gang of 14” — local politicians and business leaders from Trinidad — piloted Jeeps to the base of Fishers Peak. Amidst the fall colors they made a pledge to buy the land below the craggy castle overlooking their city.

“That day, such a beautiful day, we committed that somehow or another we would purchase the 4,000 acres and and it would not be for any of us,” said Cimino, a Trinidad native and local businessman and philanthropist. “It would be for the city and its residents.”

Barely two years later, the pledge is a reality — and then some. Fishers Peak, aka Crazy French Ranch, is set to become the Colorado’s 42nd state park, with the state acquiring the 4,000 acres Cimino and his crew wanted plus an additional 16,000 acres to create Colorado’s second-largest park.

Gov. Jared Polis used the word “iconic” five times in 5 minutes on Wednesday as he described the new park and its potential impact on Trinidad and Las Animas County.

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