I am Mr. James, a youth librarian for the Montrose Regional Library system who works at the main branch in Montrose as well as on the Bookmobile that serves both the communities of Montrose and Olathe. We help children, families and educators find literacy-related items: books, CDs, DVDs, backpacks and buddy-bags. But, just as importantly, we provide access to information about the community. People will often come in to ask about local parks for their grandchildren, good places to grab lunch, or what the neighborhood schools are like. There is a lot of information about Montrose and the surrounding area that passes through the library, making it a portal of knowledge for the region.

Providing the easiest access to literature, information, and knowledge, is an important role that librarians play in our community. When notifications about events are easy to find, it is very helpful and people tell us so. Conversely, when information for upcoming programs is missing or hard to find, we hear about that too. So, what forms of communication are working in Montrose and is there any way to make information access better?

I recently asked groups of teachers and parents what was most important to them when they come to the Bookmobile or the main library. Their collective response was, “If the programs for families and kids in Montrose were all easier to locate, then we would have an easier time finding out about them and be able to attend them more often.”

“Ok,’’ I said to myself, “so where and how is the library advertising its events and programs?”

You can find program and event updates in these media outlets:

• The quarterly Montrose Library newsletter titled Off The Shelf

• The Montrose Daily Press under the events tab and Need to Know ads

•The online publication titled The Montrose Mirror in the Events section

• The Beacon Senior Newsletter under Events

• Telluride’s periodical called The Watch also under Events

• And the Hispanic newspaper Enterate Latino

The Montrose Regional Library is also on the airwaves:

• KVNF FM 90.9

• 580 AM KUBC

• and occasionally on other local radio stations

The library’s online presence can be found at…

• The Montrose Recreation District newsletter online

• Montrose Regional Library Facebook page

• Montrose and Western Colorado Events

• Follow us on Twitter


And, as always, you can come in to the library at 320 S. Second St. and check out our message board or ask a friendly neighborhood librarian your questions. Please tell us about where you saw or heard about library programming, that way, we know what’s working and what changes might be made. Our town may, over time, streamline the access points for information, meanwhile, you have a myriad of choices for where and how you stay informed about what is occurring in your community. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around town!

James Stetson is a Youth Services Librarian at the Montrose Regional Library.

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