Wolf sighted in Jackson County

The gray wolf recently sighted in Jackson County has been confirmed as a dispersing male from Wyoming.

A wolf was recently sighted and photographed in Jackson County, Colorado and was confirmed by Wyoming Game and Fish as a dispersing male gray wolf from Wyoming. 

The collared wolf is from the Snake River Pack and was last recorded by transmission signals Feb. 12 during telemetry flights around South Pass. 

CPW said it will monitor the area but is no longer actively pursuing the wolf's location. 

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund in recent months has been working to get an item on the 2020 ballot that would allow the reintroduction of wolves into Colorado. 

Those who oppose reintroduction argue wolves could be harmful to livestock and other animals, like elk.

CPW will remain in close communication with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the USDA Wildlife Services, Wyoming Game and Fish and local municipalities. Under the Endangered Species Act, harming, harassing, or killing a gray wolf other than in cases of self-defense is unlawful.

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