One woman was severely injured when another woman hit her in the face with a wine bottle Tuesday, police said.

Tierra Higgs, 24, is accused of second-degree assault in the reported altercation on Buffalo Grass Drive. Formal charges are due by Nov. 27.

Montrose Police Department officers were called to the emergency room at Montrose Memorial Hospital, where the reported victim sought treatment. The woman sustained “major injuries” to her face and skull, Cmdr. Tim Cox said.

According to the reports Cox reviewed, Higgs had become upset when her father returned home with the woman and other friends from Grand Junction. Higgs and the other woman began arguing and Higgs allegedly struck her with the bottle.

Witness accounts appeared consistent, Cox said, and Higgs allegedly admitted to striking the other woman.

Her bond upon arrest was $25,000. This was reset to $7,500 after her advisement Wednesday. A bond hearing has been set for Nov. 21.

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