The Black Canyon Quilt Show kicked off Friday and continues Saturday and Sunday at the Montrose Pavilion. The most talented quilters in the area were there to show off their latest creations, like Suzanne Hebert, who was awarded the NACQJ Award for Outstanding Quiltmaking on top of a blue ribbon for the small mixed media category at the Black Canyon Quilt Show. She worked on her quilt for about six months, investing hundreds of hours and “thousands of stitches.” 

“I think it’s the most wonderful and most fulfilling quilt (I’ve ever made),” Hebert said. “It’s all about doing stuff that makes you happy.” 

Margaret Noah, on top of other awards, was chosen by Montrose Mayor Dave Bowman for the Mayor’s Award at the quilt show for her “Sunshine On My Shoulders” quilt depicting an American bison. She was inspired by one of her favorite places: Yellowstone National Park. 

“It was four intense months of long, long days,” Noah said of making her quilt. 

Peggy J Maynes won a blue ribbon with the Colorado Quilting Council for her quilt “Little Brown Bird,” which also took second place at the weekend show in the large aplique category. Each block of her quilt was stitched using a different aplique technique, something she hoped would catch the judges’ eyes. The quilt took her about three years of on-and-off stitching. 

Mary Huff stitched “Plum Wine,” which took the blue ribbon in the large pieced quilt category. She said the top portion of the quilt sat in the top of a closet in her home before she pulled it out and decided to finish it. 

She started learning to stitch about 20 years ago and has entered three previous contest. 

“The talent that everyone has (at this show) inspires you to finish something you started at home or start something new,” she said. 

Justin Tubbs is the managing editor at the Montrose Daily Press. 

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