Show me a group of people who think alike and I’ll show you one person who is doing all of the thinking. That appears to be the gist of the three school board candidates who are taking the three musketeers route. Candidates Cortney Loyd (District E), Dawn Schieldt (District F) and Andrew Neal (District C) are running as “Your conservative choice candidates”.

They’re such a tight knit group that when our reporter Anna Lynn Winfrey asked for an interview. It had to be done as a group. When I listened to the entire interview, I’m not sure who’s doing the thinking in this group. Answers were vague at best except for political buzzwords.

What we’re seeing around the country is that there is no more of a polarizing governing body than your local school board. Emotions are running high. It’s become such fodder that Saturday Night Live opened their season with a skit poking fun at the public comment period at a fictitious school board meeting. One speaker declared she was so mad she was literally shaking about critical race theory. “My question is what is it? And why am I mad about it?”

The trio is running on the platform of giving the power back to the parents. I didn’t realize they lost it. They claim that CRT is being taught in the school district. There is no evidence that it’s being taught in the Montrose County School District. Winfrey asked, even though Superintendent Carrie Stephenson has publicly stated that it is not being taught in the district, where and how this is being taught.

“Well we have to be careful about that because we are not on the board and specifically can’t tell you this, this and this. Other parents are saying this is the paperwork my child came home with and these are the links and these are the only links they can work from. We don’t want to accuse either. We have to actually validate that and prove that before we can act on it,” Schieldt responded.

The group concurred that they don’t mind if history is being taught in the classroom if it’s the right history. loyd added in speaking about her oldest daughter’s experience in school that there was history that was being left out. She couldn’t cite the specifics. Good, bad or indifferent it should be taught.

“It’s just history.” Loyd said. “Right or wrong it’s what happened, then the parents and their children should decide their belief system,” Schieldt added. Then it became confusing when Neal added that there are all kinds of views of history so the kids should be flooded with information so they can make up their own minds about what happened.

The group believes that topics that shouldn’t be talked about at the dinner table shouldn’t be discussed in school. In their opinion we need to quit focusing on the color of skin and who were the oppressors and who are the oppressed. Isn’t history flooded with the oppressed and the oppressors?

And when asked what they actually believe the CRT curriculum is, their answers just danced around and never came to a point. Almost as if they were agreeing with the character in the SNL skit.

But I walked away with some clarity of what people are really in fear of when it comes to CRT. Since it’s not actually being taught in the school district, it’s the fear of what history is being taught; but in another breath this is the very thing that the group is advocating.

“Let the children decide for themselves” unless it differs from what adults believe. Students may actually have a group discussion on such things as civil rights, woman suffrage, or indigenous people’s genocide amongst other historical events and have a disagreeing opinions from their parents’ or grandparents’. And God forbid if it’s actually discussed at the dinner table. No sense in spoiling dinner with a lively discussion.

Maybe what the children are being taught is critical after all. Critical in their development to be free thinkers.

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