Are you ready to take that hike when your childhood friend comes to visit and wants to explore?

Are you ready to play chase with your kids or grandkids?

Are you ready for a worry free annual exam with your doctor?

Are you ready to trek around the world upon retirement?

How did you answer these questions? The purpose of working out and keeping in shape is not to be the star of the gym. The purpose is to take on life with gusto and to live your life to the fullest. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet are paramount in keeping you ready for life’s daily adventures and challenges.

The Montrose Recreation District is a resource for helping you meet your fitness goals. We can help you have fun while getting fit. We suggest you play basketball, join a sports league, swim, run, play pickleball, work out on quality fitness equipment, participate in a group fitness class, play racquetball or coach your kid’s sports team. All of these things will help get you in shape and keep you in shape and ready for life’s opportunities.

If you are currently active, we have many options to keep you active. If you are in need of some personal changes and have the desire to improve your fitness, we can help. The toughest part often times is getting started. We have fitness instructors, personal trainers, sports leagues, drop-in sports and equipment just waiting for you. If you would like a free day pass to check out the rec center, let us know (we will get you one).

Making health changes is challenging. The Stages of Change model4 shows that, for most people, a change in behavior occurs gradually, with the person moving from being uninterested, unaware or unwilling to make a change (pre-contemplation), to considering a change (contemplation), to deciding and preparing to make a change. Genuine, determined action is then taken (action) and, over time, attempts to maintain the new behavior occur (maintenance). Relapses are almost inevitable and become part of the process of working toward lifelong change (relapse). Understanding that lifelong change is a process can be helpful.

Our goal is for you to feel great the next time your class reunion rolls around instead of wanting to get out of it. We want you to get excited to see your lab results knowing that your cholesterol is within a healthy range. You will certainly make new friends when you are participating in a plethora of activities at the rec center. I encourage you to utilize the resources in your community to help you get started.

Life is short. Make the most of it. Let us help. For a better quality of life . . . MRD

Cindy Marino is the 50+ activities coordinator for the Montrose Recreation District.

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