It is my pleasure to be the newest member of the Board of Directors for the Montrose Recreation District.

This opportunity combined with my position as rehabilitation services director for Montrose Memorial Hospital presents a unique opportunity to serve our patient population and the community of Montrose through the Recreation District.

It started for me when I was afforded the opportunity to sit on the citizen’s advisory committee during the design and construction phases of the new Community Recreation Center. I have to applaud the painstaking process that was completed to make this such a success. The input that we gave was openly received and discussed and many suggestions were incorporated into the design. The result is the amazing facility that is now open to serve our community.

From my perspective as rehabilitation services director, the partnership that was forged between MMH and the MRD makes perfect sense. Mountain View Therapy, the outpatient rehab services department of MMH, has leased space for direct patient care in the new Recreation Center. How could it get any better for our patients? As a physical therapist, my goal is to introduce our patients to the benefits of a continuing exercise program and/or return them to the active lifestyle that they love. Our partnership with MRD allows us to do just that. We are able to successfully transition our patients from their supervised rehabilitation program to an independent program in the MRD. All the while being available in our new space to answer questions they may have regarding the appropriateness of specific activities in regards to their injury. We have multiple venues in which to see our patients allowing them the quickest recovery possible. One of the most popular is the therapy/wellness pool. The ability to get patients in the water for exercise is often a major contributor to their success in recovery. The decreased weight bearing of the joints and the mild resistance provided by the water yields huge benefits to our patients. This treatment modality would not be possible for us without the willingness of the MRD to partner with MMH and provide a venue for this care.

As a community member and father of three, I am excited about the new center. My family has a beautiful, well-equipped facility to use and enjoy. It allows my children a place to go, burn off that extra energy, learn to swim, have a birthday party, and experience new activities (other than electronics). Things that will greatly benefit them in their health and their future. It affords an abundance of variety of activity in everything from using the drop slide, enjoying the lazy river, playing basketball, to learning to navigate the climbing wall. There’s something to keep them interested at all times. The MRD has done a wonderful job in providing program offerings to meet the needs of the families in our community.

The future is bright for our community and for the MRD. I am proud to be part of it.

Martin Lutz, MPT, is the newest member of the Montrose Recreation District’s Board of Directors.

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