Justin Tubbs

I want to know what you want to know. 

At 9 a.m. Thursday, June 6, I want to chat with you — our readers. So come and join me at The Coffee Trader on South Fifth. We’ll call it “Coffee with the Editor,” and I’d like to think it will be worth my time and yours. If we find it is worth our time, we will continue to meet over coffee semi-regularly; we might even mix up the location from time to time. 

In all seriousness, you may have noticed some changes to the newspaper recently. We’ve added content from The Colorado Sun, we’ve added a page full of national sports results and we will continue to deliver more content the readers want. Coffee with the Editor will partially serve as a chance for readers to share what they’d like to see in the newspaper, but my hope is  it does more than that. 

Staying plugged in

I don’t consider myself new to town anymore; I’ve been here since last August. But, we can always — and should — be learning about our community. We can do that partially by sitting in on city council or county commissioners meetings. We can also do that by attending events in town. But the best way to do that is to sit down and chat with the people who live in a community — not necessarily those who make decisions, but those who live with the decisions made by leaders. 

There are countless issues facing our community, many of which the newsroom probably hasn’t heard about. Coffee will be a chance for you to share your thoughts on those issues so that the Montrose Daily Press reporters and editors can go out confidently into the community, knowing they’re reporting on what matters to the readers. 

We want to deliver

Simply put, we can’t make the newspaper what you want it to be if you don’t tell us what that looks like. Is there something we’re missing? Tell me about it over a cup of coffee. Is there something you like but want to see more of — same thing. 

The changes we’ve made recently are only the beginning. Our goal is to grow as a newspaper. That starts with content, and it’s my job to make sure that content is well-done, accessible and thorough. Help me make it all of the above. 

Keep us accountable

If you feel we’ve missed the mark, we need to know. We may not always agree on everything, and delivering criticism isn’t always easy face-to-face. But talking face-to-face is the best way to hash out your qualms; or, at least, it’s the best way to ensure there’s action. 

But coffee can also be a time to talk about what’s going well. It can be a time to talk about reporting you feel was unbalanced or unfair. It can also be a time to tell me an op-ed is wrong. You may not agree that I should sit down to coffee with you. 

My goal in this is to make the Montrose Daily Press better. Our paper has long been the voice for Montrose. I want to make sure it stays that way, and you can help me. Come say hi; the first cup is on me. 

Justin Tubbs is the managing editor for the Montrose Daily Press. 

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