Montrose defense end Ian Rehtfeldt

Montrose defense end Ian Rehtfeldt brings down a Pueblo West running back for no gain Saturday. 

Last Saturday effectively wrapped up another fall sports season for Montrose.

The Indians’ football team had a heck of a run but couldn’t come back from that early hole against Pueblo West. Although the team didn’t get back to the semifinals, having a second-straight 10-win season shouldn’t be forgotten.

It’s a credit to Brett Mertens, his staff and the students who put in hard work in the offseason.

That could be the same for Montrose boys soccer and volleyball whose seasons wrapped up earlier this month.

Incredibly, all three programs won a state playoff game this November, which speaks volumes to the players’ work ethic.

Let’s not forget Montrose is a small town, so these teams don’t have a big pool to select players from like other schools in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas.

Still, these coaches and players don’t use that as an excuse.

But it still begs the question: “What’s in the water in Montrose that has made so many of its teams competitive in a variety of sports?”

Turkey Day football

If there’s anything that rivals the actual Thanksgiving meal in the Kiser household, it’s sitting down and watching the National Football League broadcast three games for our viewing pleasure.

However, this year, we may have to duck out of one of them (sorry Bears-Lions) to watch the new Martin Scorsese movie on Netflix.

But this tradition will go strong in the afternoon when my hometown team, the Dallas Cowboys, hosts the Buffalo Bills. This game shouldn’t won’t go the way my family hopes, but hopefully, we’ll drown out our sorrows with a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

With that being said, here are my forecasts for the outcomes of those three games.

Please note, I’m woefully bad at getting the right selections, so don’t put in a bet to Vegas.

(One of those characters from Scorsese’s new film may try to find you if you don’t pay up.)


Chicago Bears: 17, Detroit Lions: 13

Dallas Cowboys: 24, Buffalo Bills: 21 (Sorry, I’m a homer)

New Orleans Saints: 38, Atlanta Falcons: 20

Andrew Kiser is the Montrose Daily Press’ sports/business writer. Follow him on Twitter @andrew_kpress.

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