Just tell it like it is

America! Amuse me for a brief moment by dropping the significance you insist on placing on skin color. That’s not the real problem. The critical question to be asking: Why is it that every ex-president after leaving the white house has always remained completely out of the political limelight, except for ex-president Barack Hussein Obama? Everyone can agree that holding the position of POTUS allows each president the erroneous perception that he is bigger than life. We get it, okay? Yet, each of these retired out-of-control egos have faded quietly into the background on Jan. 21, the day after Inauguration Day, allowing room for the new president to make his own decisions and mistakes, well, except for ex-president Obama. We’ve heard more from him in the last six months than what we ever heard from him when he was POTUS. His communications were suspiciously guarded and infamously short and evasive. Apparently, he has conquered his shyness.

Can you not see that Obama was the catalyst of what we are incorrectly calling race riots? I was in the race riots in the 60s; these are not race riots. All this vandalism, murdering, and arsons have nothing to do with race/color or George Floyd’s death. In the 60s, we marched to end the war in Vietnam and to stop the discrimination of minorities. Today, we are being terrorized by paid protesters from the Democratic party with the intention of mentally, emotionally, and physically tearing American down to make room for Marxism/communism. Obama had eight years as POTUS to prevent the destruction we are forced to tolerate today. He practically owned Chicago; he could have intervened, but he never lifted a finger to stop black killings. This is strictly about politics, so don’t hide behind race/color. Don’t cop out; just tell it like it is.

Betsy Tutchton


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