Democracy under threatOur democracy faces the greatest threat since the Civil War.

Three US generals recently stated their fear of an eminent civil war because of our dangerous divisions. When our Capitol was attacked by right wing extremist we came very close to a coup. We have 70 million Americans that voted for the most dishonest, despicable and dangerous human being to ever hold the office of president of the U.S.

Some folks are musing that he has developed a giant cult and I believe it. Republicans in Congress are afraid of Trump and lack the courage to hold him accountable for inciting the attack on the Capitol. Only two brave Republicans in the House had the courage to join the Democrats on the committee to investigate the capitol riot. I guess since some of them think the attackers were just tourist they don’t believe they are accountable. I wonder what they would think if all those folks were black?

The Republican Party sees the shrinking white population and is doing everything they can to impede minorities, the poor and disabled to exercise their right to vote. Stephen Lewinski a leading scholar on how democracies die says, and I quote: “Democracies may die at the hands, not of generals, but of elected leaders, presidents or prime ministers who subvert the very process that brought them to power. Some of these leaders dismantle democracy quickly, as Hitler did in the wake of the 1933 Riechstag fire in Germany. More often, though, democracies erode slowly, in barely visible steps.”

If this sounds familiar it is because this is exactly what is happening in the United States!

Tom Heffernan


Rants vs. mature commentaryThe Letters to the Editor in the Wednesday, Jan. 5, edition can more appropriately be considered rants, not only without social value, but by serving only to stir up division and rancor. It is one thing to dismiss their inaccuracies and twisted logic, but another to accept their divisiveness which lies at the heart of our broken society.

Letters of a redeeming value can be helpful by offering varying opinions and commentary, but should not attack, divide, or debase individuals or strongly held beliefs. Not only is this unethical but socially destructive.

Thanks for a closer monitoring of this.

Wayne Quade