A national disgrace

We are now suffering the disaster of a stolen election. Following are two issue of the Biden calamity that he alone is responsible for.

The most egregious issues are:

1. We have a foreign invasion on our southern border while “backslidin’ Biden” keeps repeating the monstrous lie that there is no crisis and the border is closed.

I most strongly urge that a body count be taken and reported weekly on the number of Americans killed by the enormous amount of murderous drugs pouring over Biden’s open border. The cost of drug-related issues including rehab and law enforcement should be included. Finish the wall immediately!

2. As a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Army (two tours of duty in Vietnam) I would demand that not one cent be allocated to the “green infrastructure” until every U.S. citizen and our Afghan allies are back to this country.

Ransom by limp Biden is very likely. The way he made a hasty and blundering retreat from Afghanistan was horrific, with stupid knee-jerk decisions that were very shameful to our military.

This heinous mess requires quick and drastic fixing.

It is a national disgrace!

Frank Anderson



In the Tuesday, Sept. 28 issue of the Montrose Daily Press was an article regarding school board candidates. The race for school board members is supposed to be nonpartisan. The event held on Sept. 23 at the Circle 3 Cowboy Church was anything but nonpartisan.

The local Montrose County Republican Party has its own slate of candidates which it is highly funding, as evidenced by all the signs located all over Montrose. The party is being open about sponsoring their candidates but this race is supposed to be nonpartisan.

So then the event was held in a Republican venue, sponsored by the Montrose County Republican Party, moderated by the local GOP chairman, Spencer Hamner, and the questions asked of the candidates were Republican-generated. How much more partisan can an event be that is supposed to be nonpartisan?

Just like the National Republican Party generating the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election, the local Republican Party is generating the “Big Lie” about issues affecting our local Montrose County School District. If this Republican slate of candidates is elected to the Montrose County School District Board, are they going to be puppets of the Montrose Republican Party or are they going to independent, critical thinkers which is what is needed on our local school board?

Connie Pittenger


Pick the most qualified candidates

The slate listing of candidates for school board is clever, but speaks to a social agenda rather than that of independent effort and points of view.

Even with an effort among the candidates to claim that they speak for themselves, they still hold to a certain script which would be unwelcome in a collaborative school board setting. Candidates must be open-minded and willing to listen, collaborate, and reach consensus in the common interests of our students, teachers, staff, and the community. Group think is not in our best interest. Let’s all vote intelligently for the best individuals.

Wayne Quade


Balance, cooperation needed for wilderness

I enjoyed a wonderful hike to an overlook on Ohio Peak.

As usual I get excited to enter the wilderness. My anticipation starts with a good weather forecast. I look forward to the unknown, such things as what I will see and encounter. Each trip is a new adventure of the familiar and unexpected. I embrace all that the wilderness has to offer, it’s serenity, geology, majesty, and the challenge of the trail.

Near the top we all took a break and had a very informative presentation by Joe, who levelset me on some terminology, like what is a Wilderness Area,” gave some history of uses for wilderness and how we all might preserve it for future generations.

What I saw on this hike was obvious remnants of mining and fewer trees than I expected, although we were above 12,000 feet. The open spaces are beautiful as you have very distant panoramic views of your surroundings with fall colors starting to emerge.

I understand there is a Forest Plan in the works that needs to be updated to at least current times. To put a plan into place that balances competing forces. However if we don’t work together on balance and preservation the wildernesses areas will suffer and we will lose its allure.

My experiences have led me to believe our forests have been neglected over the years. Hopefully money will come with a renewed interest, focus and plan of priorities, doing a better job of managing our forests.

Steve Heissler


Compromise should not go out of style

I am saddened by people demanding their approach to problems be the only answer rather than looking for a compromise that will meet some of everyone’s needs. It seem we are fixated on getting what we want rather than looking at the needs of the whole of the country. We have seen gerrymandering to make votes go to one party or the other, rather than just doing it along sensible lines. What has happened to listening and compromising? Why does it always have to be a one way street to solve a problem?

It doesn’t make you a bad person if you work with someone from another belief, party or group to come up with a solution that needs some of the needs for everyone. I remember when I was in business, we had to state the other person’s position before we could state our own. We would use sentences like, “I hear you saying this.” That took the temperature of the discussion down and everyone worked to understand the other side of the discussion. Now we are making decisions based on our political affiliation and not on what is best for the country, state or county.

If we move to an authoritarian country, there will be no way back for anyone. People love the United States and its diversity — think about that when you demand only your position on a problem or situation. It is not you or me. It is us.

Gayle Johnson