Conservatives in danger of losing elections cry ‘voting fraud’

Have you noticed the trend that when conservatives are in danger of losing elections, they cry “voting fraud?” The Aug. 26 letter from Mr. Cossick does a good job of parroting the many false election fraud claims by Trump and Fox News, including the millions of dead people who may be fraudulently voting in our elections. Funny! Are all these dead people Democrats?

Numerous studies by respected neutral experts have shown that genuine voting fraud — as opposed to mistakes and miscounting — is less than one ballot out of 10,000 cast. Notice how Mr. Cossick is only concerned about this tiny percentage, and ignores the greater danger to our democracy, which is our shamefully low voter turnout.

Only about 60% of our eligible American population vote in presidential elections, and far fewer in off-year elections. Why does Cossick focus on fraud and not this low turnout?

The answer is that for the last 150 years conservatives have opposed every effort to increase voter participation, especially among minorities. For example, why do we still vote on Tuesdays, a relic of the 19th century? Most other democracies in the world vote on weekends. Sorry, conservatives are against changing it.

How about “motor-voter” automatic registration when you visit the DMV? Only 19 mostly liberal states do this. How about a free pizza coupon for casting your vote? I’m sure conservatives would oppose this too.

If Trump loses in November, will Cossick join him in claiming that the election was stolen and will Trump gain additional fame as the worst sore loser in American election history? How ironic it will be if Trump has a childish tantrum that he would not have tolerated in defeated contestants on his “Apprentice” show when they hear “You’re fired!”

Al Read


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