Equal rights

Thank you and your editorial staff for the wonderful article, “Celebrating Suffragists,” which appeared Aug. 26, the 100th anniversary of the ratifying of the 19th Amendment to our Constitution. I was inspired to see the photos and read the information about five mostly unknown suffragettes of varied backgrounds and their contributions to the women’s equal rights movement, which dramatically changed American culture.

I have suffered discrimination as a woman business owner here in Montrose in the past and am very happy to see so many other Montrose women business owners being successful today. Now, it is time that the voices of other minority groups need to be heard and their concerns addressed so that we will truly live in a country that respects the rights of every human being, especially the right to vote for the good government of all citizens.

I was sorry that I was not able to march with the Montrose League of Women Voters and friends this year, but I have marched for other causes and will continue to support equal rights for all people. As women whose foremothers worked so hard to earn the right to vote, it is now our responsibility to give others a hand up to equality. We must work together, as our foremothers did, to change our country and the world.

Arlyn Macdonald


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