Tipton and the environment

I was angry and disappointed to hear Rep. Scott Tipton voted against the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act (CORE) on Oct. 31.

The bill provides a designation of certain wilderness areas, recreation areas, and conservation areas in Colorado. It protects and preserves about 400,000 acres, including the San Juan Wilderness. Wild spaces of habitat are key for healthy populations of game and fish.

What was Tipton thinking? Even the group “Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship” endorsed the bill, saying the bill shows that “Conservation is truly Conservative.” The group confirmed a recent poll of Colorado’s Third Congressional District that found two-thirds of voters support the designations in the CORE Act and an overwhelming 85% of Republicans surveyed said that public lands are important to the local economy.” I question Tipton’s “representative” title, given his no vote.

Tipton’s voting record for national environmental issues is tracked by the League of Conservation Voters. His lifetime score is only 7%, out of a possible 100%. Only 7 out of 100 times does Tipton vote for the environment. His website states his commitment to open spaces, responsible conservation, and outdoor recreation. At least he is good at giving lip service.

Rebecca Maloney


Democrats vs. Republicans

In 2004, now-President Donald Trump told Wolf Blitzer, “I’ve been around for a long time, and it just seems that the economy does better under Democrats than the Republicans.” I thought I would never agree with anything this president has said, but it seems he is correct. Nine out of the last 10 recessions have occurred under Republican presidents. If you check out Politifact’s Truth-o-Meter the graph shows the Democrats do much better on job growth, business investment, GDP and budget deficits.

Allan S. Roth a financial planner and Republican, gives us an insight into the stock market under Obama and Trump. According to him, U.S. stocks gained 21% for the first two years of the Trump administration. That translates into a 10% annual return, which is .5% points above the long range average. By comparison, U.S. stocks gained 71.2% in the first two years of the Obama administration. When Roth explained that stocks soared under Obama, many people responded to him that stocks had to increase as he took over in a market plunge. Roth pointed out that if that were true advisors didn’t know it and believed the opposite. He sighted four thousand advisors in the TD Ameritrade platform allocated an average 26% cash and bonds at the market high on Oct. 9, 2007 and nearly double that to 51% on March 9. 2009 when the market bottomed! It is ironic that during all the stock market’s spectacular rise under Obama Corporations were under increasingly tough environmental regulations and thrived in spite of the increased regulation. We made substantial progress on carbon dioxide emissions and under Trump and Republicans we are abandoning efforts by the government to save our planet.

Tom Heffernan


I can’t resist

I tend to agree with Mr. Flower’s assessment of the bear situation in Colorado. But please don’t place all blame on the nice folks at Colorado Parks & Wildlife. They may be a wildlife-science driven organization, but they are politically directed and in a democracy the biggest crowd directs.

In all honesty, I’m not really partial to bears. Anything that can so handily twist me up like a pretzel and then devour me is not on my list of touchy-feely favorites of God’s creatures.

That prejudice aside, I feel the problem here is balance. We’ve upset the balance of nature by showing up in such great numbers. A solution? Many of us could leave or most bears could leave. We can’t coexist when there’s too many of either. For example, there are no bears in NY’s Central Park. I’ve been there, the bears had to leave. People multiplied, built things to make them comfortable and prosperous. In the early years a few bears tried to stand their ground, now they’re rugs.

Some folks on the (overpopulated) Front Range want to reintroduce wolves to the northern Rockies and San Juans. One reason I’ve read is because our deer and elk populations have gotten sedentary, lazy even! Wolves come here, our home, not over there, why? It appears the reason may be there’s too many people over there to coexist with fast, scary wolves with sharp teeth?

Some people believe there can never be too many people; in the world, on the continent, in our country. More is always better! We can always squeeze over, but we can’t squeeze in with the bears and wolves. In a world mindlessly careening toward eight billion people the bears don’t stand a chance.

Pat Byrnes


Hatred and lies

Democrats’ hate for Trump and conservatives has driven them to abandon all logic and reason. They are now impervious to facts that contradict their fantasies. They hate him not for his tweets or demeanor, but for his achievements — achievements they themselves could never produce. So, thinking the voting public is totally stupid, they blatantly lie about Trump’s successes. Tom Heffernan’s Nov. 3 letter is an example.

To Democrats’ chagrin, our economy and stock market continue to defy all the pro-socialist economic pundits. Under Trump, the economy is driving unemployment to the lowest levels in 70 years and the stock market to new highs. Last week, Standard and Poor’s and the NASDAQ closed at all-time highs. Dow Jones closed within 12 points of its all-time high. Heffernan ignores these facts and quotes something Trump said 15 years ago and Left-wing Politi”fiction” to create the illusion that the economy was somehow better under Obama? Give me a break. No honest comparison of Obama and Trump’s economies would conclude anything other than Obama’s was a disaster and Trump’s is a miracle.

Heffernan’s mention of Democratic presidents prior to Obama only adds credence to my prior assertions that the Democratic Party is not the Democratic Party of old. Obama’s economic failures are proof of that. And Obama is a conservative compared to the crazy socialists they now have running for president. They would repeal Trump’s tax cuts, further shackling American households to a ravenous Federal Treasury, followed by onerous government regulations … destroying jobs and cutting wages.

Facts will eventually rule the day. Obama’s legacy will be one of shame. Because the Left has ignored voluminous facts of the Obama/Clinton conspiracy to destroy Trump, they apparently assume the rest of us have ignored the true story as well. Wrong.

Ed Henrie


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