Constitutional guarantees

The U.S. Congress mirrors what is happening to America. Years ago a realist wrote: "Someday America will be overcome by modes of behavior that will intentionally destroy the purpose of its founding." Today vocal congressional members, some born into non-American cultures, use constitutional guarantees to divide and destroy, questioning their loyalty pledge. Congressional time is consumed by divisive actions far from constructive legislation to protect or enhance American soil. Each member of that body costs taxpayers around $1 million per year. Their purpose is to look out for America and its citizens. We do not owe other countries a living but fair and balanced commerce is welcome. Only a few in Congress strive to assure American traditions while the rest play political games seeking personal gratification. The concept to protect individual freedoms and God-given rights is changing rapidly in favor of historically failed visions. Christian beliefs are being attacked with 345 Christians killed worldwide each day for religious reasons. (Internet). Colleges are hives of socialism and hate. A constant wave of unjustified racial dialogue consumes many with intent to divide. The power hungry are changing voting rules and other traditions in an attempt to win and control. They attack our values, favor ill-conceived national movements, support unwanted illegal immigration and look for ways to impose new forms of governing. America has boldly given to other nations for years and now faces cultural and political negitism from thankless people who live by a different code. Leaders of all enterprise are giving in to “backlash” which is a subversive tactic rather than "offend" by speaking the truth. Complacency settles among the masses. Intellects have said: "Academics enlightens the mind but true learning comes from experience." A time of regret will engulf America if patriots don’t speak out instead of following paths currently laid out by aspirants.

Kirby Kline


See something, say something

We teach our children if they see or hear about a weapon at school they should report it. Why? Answer: Reporting it can save lives.

But, does saving lives matter to our president and his supporters? Answer: It depends.

According to the president, "see something, say something" does not apply if the weapons are in the hands of Russia forces and Ukrainians lives are the ones lost and continually threatened.

The president withheld money for Javelin anti-tank missiles allocated by Congress. In doing so he violated the most universal of all human values, protecting human lives.

Moreover, our president told Ukrainians they must first do him a personal "favor" before he would possibly release money for their self-defense. They had no choice but to think their Ukrainian lives matter only if he gets something for himself in return. He used our tax dollars and his powerful position as leverage. Is that abuse of authority, you think?

Then, when a person of conscience heard of what the president had done, he/she reported it so it could be investigated privately by the inspector general. Now, as a result, the president and his apologists are outraged that a "whistleblower" did the right thing. He/she is vilified and threatened.

Conclusion: Clearly, according to President Trump and his supporters, "see something, say something" does not apply to him. He is above the law. He must not even be investigated for possible wrongdoing. The lives of Ukrainians and a whistleblower are thus under threat. That's sad and morally sickening.

Larry Heath


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