Poorly run Police

If Montrose Colorado was a “big city” there would lawsuits and outrage over the scam pushed down our throats to increase the sales tax to fund a poorly run police department. But Montrose is still a medium size cow town and no one will do anything.

A sales tax increase is the most unfair method to fund the City Police Department that anyone could conceive, and they did. There are 42,000 plus Montrose County citizens that will pay the increased sales tax in the City of Montrose and only 19,000 will see any benefit from a bigger City police force and a bigger police headquarters. The County residents will pay the tax and get no benefits, and they did not have a vote.

The residents of Montrose did not want this scam but if you spend enough money and hire a “Slick Willy” attorney, you can get anything passed.

There was some kind of committee that supposedly researched all the ways to increase the police force and raise the money needed to do so. If you ask for volunteers to be on the committee to increase the police force, you will get one kind of citizen, only the ones who want to increase the police force. Have you ever wondered why the board members of large corporations are not made up of volunteers? They are appointed to get a good mix of experience and ideas.

There will be shopping outside of the City of Montrose by thousands of citizens and businesses will suffer. Watch for the total sales dollars in the City go down. Scammed again in a small town, sad.

William Babbel


Thanks All Points

Kudos and special thanks to the staff and management of All Points Transit for providing rides to wheelchair bound veterans, especially Margaret Sievers, U.S. Navy, 1943 – 1946, to the Centennial Middle School Veterans Day celebration last Friday. She is one of only a few World War II veterans still living, and thoroughly enjoyed the program, music and honoring displayed by the student body at Centennial. All Points Transit is completely committed to our community and a service people of Margaret’s condition can not do without. Thanks All Points!!!

Kenn Huff

Grateful Son-in-Law


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