Dishonesty from Dems

Re: Letter to the editor

The lies written in a letter (mind blown) on Nov. 17, 2019 are disgraceful. It said President trump was fined $2 million for "misusing"(?) veteran's funds. That is simply not true. Prior to May 31, 2016, 11 veteran's charities were paid by Donald Trump's foundation. Trump released a list of 41 charities that were given $5.6 million as part of a philanthropic event in Iowa. NBC News confirmed with 27 of the charities that received a combined $3.82 million from the Trump foundation and entities. The biggest recipient was the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation receiving a $1 million personal check from Trump. And all of this occurred before Trump was elected president.

It's also outrageous to say Trump used veteran's funds for his "campaign and personal" expenses. President Trump paid for his campaign with his own money. And now that he's president he donates all of his salary to a variety of charities! How can anybody with a conscience say President Trump is "dishonest and selfish"?

Democrats know they can't beat President Trump at the ballot box and they are furious. That's what their phony, despicable, Russia, China, N. Korea-style kangaroo impeachment court is all about. So after wasting $30 million to $40 million on the fake Russian hoax, Democrats are squandering $ millions more on a fake Ukraine hoax!

Oh, and the stale rant from the radical extremist left that Trump didn't win the popular vote, should remember that Bill Clinton didn't either! He only received 44,909,889 votes against Bush and Ross Perot splitting the conservative votes with 58,848,371. So, doing the math, Clinton was outvoted by 13,938,482 votes. Only 43% of the vote went for Clinton and 56% voted against him with the Bush and Perot totals. If Perot hadn't divided the conservative votes, Bush would have won easily.

Now Democrats are afraid that Americans will interfere in the 2020 election.

Jerry Bartholome


We know better than you

Today’s impeachment hearings show the Democrat attitude that “we know better than you, what is best for you.” Much as the Colorado Democrat led legislature did in regards to oil and gas legislation. The voters voted to not change regulations but the Democrat legislature went ahead and changed the laws anyway, they knew better. Now oil and gas industries are moving people out of state (or laying off staff) and Colorado is losing jobs and severance tax dollars.

In less than a year, the American people can decide for itself who they want to be our duly elected President. We voters can decide for ourselves, what is best for us.

Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, Shifty Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed he had evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Have you heard anything lately about Russian collusion? That ended when former FBI Director Bob Mueller spent nearly $30 million and found nothing criminal.

Now the Dems are trying to make a phone call asking for help to investigate an “unethical former Vice-President and his son” an impeachable offense. How Joe Biden and his son profited from Joe Biden’s actions did may not be illegal (we will see) but was definitely unethical.

Let the American voters decide who we want as our leader. We have done a good job since 1776. Maybe Congress should do their job instead of wasting time and money on an investigation into nothing. It is an election year so not much will happen. No legislation will pass the House of Representatives that could possibly give President Trump a win.

Ed Moreland



Colorado wilderness

I see that Diana DeGette wants to have more wilderness areas in Colorado. She has already declared Domingues Canyon area wilderness. Now she want thousands of acres more. Look at a map of Colorado and you can see all the wilderness areas, National Parks and National forest that forbid or heavily restrict motorized travel.

I can take her on a 30 minute drive from Grand Junction, give her a route that she can travel for days and not see a road and it's not even a wild area.

Scott Tipton has told me that he supports things as they are now. We have plenty of wild areas and should have places that handicapped citizens and veterans can go and enjoy some quiet and solitude. Maybe even do a little four-wheeling?

Steve Thomas


First Amendment

Evelyn Beatrice Hall who under the pseudonym S.G. Tallentyre wrote "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". Attributed to Voltaire.

I see a frequent contributor to Your View criticizing myself and other authors. It appears to me that kind of behavior shows that he disrespects the 1st Amendment, and rather than proving the strength of his views, he takes the weak path of criticizing others.

Jerome Waler


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