Mind boggling

It boggles the mind how the Republicans of Montrose County say they support the police and law enforcement officers, yet they recommend a no vote on 2A. Really? Fifty-eight cents on $100 is too much to pay to ensure the safety of our schools and citizens? What they fail to realize is that the increased amount will be paid by anyone who shops here — if they are on their way to Telluride, reside in other counties but come here to shop or are here hunting, vacationing or just passing through. In this country, entertain us and you will be richly rewarded, but teach us or protect us and you will find yourself towards the bottom of the pay scale. Let's hope it doesn't take several tries to get this accomplished like it did for the amazing Montrose Recreation Center, Columbine Middle School or keeping the library open seven days a week. I think we can all agree that was money well spent. Even the naysayers and taxed enough already folks have said as much.

Lesley Hallenborg


Yes on 2A

I am voting yes on 2A. Montrose must have a police department that has enough staff and office space. And this tax will do it. Fifty-eight cents on $100 is more than fair. I've had a few Facebook conversations about the tax, and the folks against it have not looked up the facts. The committee have been called liars, and I have been told I'm a communist. Go on with the name calling, it only shows how very uninformed those against are. Support our police officers and vote “yes” on 2A.

Charline Farrar


Bomb shelter

Did you know that the Potato Growers building had a World War II bomb shelter that they showed us when we used to have dinner there? Yes, lots of potatoes some 20 years ago. I am glad that the building will be saved.

Barbara Bond


Deceitful political double-talk

Two things came in the mail today: my election ballot and a slick brochure out of Denver urging a yes vote on Prop CC. The brochure tells me that we can fix our roads and give the union teachers a raise without increasing taxes — it’s free. What could be wrong with that?

The brochure is deceitful, not an outright lie, but it may as well be. Technically our taxes will not be raised, but since our refund required by the TABOR amendment will be confiscated by the Democratic politicians in Denver, the effect is definitely a tax increase. Deceitful political double-talk is what Prop CC amounts to — the politicians says no tax increase, while at the same time, they rob you of your refund. Worse than that, this is designed to gut the TABOR amendment that protects us from greedy politicians who would tax the air we breathe if they could get away with it. The TABOR amendment forces them to be honest and they don’t like that.

If we need our roads fixed, then propose and debate an honest tax bill for that purpose. My message to Denver politicians: don’t try to scam people with a deceitful ploy of getting something for free while you pick our pockets to satisfy your own interests. I will vote “no” on Prop CC because of its dishonesty, its attack on TABOR, its tax increase and the absence of honest debate on road repair and union salary increases.

Michael Martin


Here’s my take

There are several opinions about the issue. Here is my take on the issue. The city has needed more officers and more room for 15 years. This is not a new problem. The city council has seen fit to continue to spend money on many other projects, the temper or ego tantrum over the dispatch center, the continuing spending on the river trails and river improvement. Do not insult our intelligence by saying the city has not spent lots of money on the river trails. The new Cerise Park, the many hundreds if thousands surrounding the rec center. There are countless other projects, all which are very nice, like the roundabout on Rio Grand Ave. The projects are very nice and enjoyable but do not hold the importance of public safety. The city needs to be fiscally responsible in their spending. They knew the public would never help fund such projects through new taxes but would for safety. If you want to get new taxes, say it is for safety or the children. Learn to live within your means. We have to. So should the city. I live outside the city limits, so I do not get to vote on this issue, but I have to suffer the taxes when we shop in Montrose. That is what the founding fathers were trying to stop, taxation without representation.

Gale A. Longwell


Life is what you make it

With few exceptions, we all make the most of what God has given us, including those reversals and disappointments that actually make us stronger. You put that all together with decades of a nationally proud existence, and the throng of fellow Americans, that has reinforced your lifestyle with equal openness, your life at any stage has likely been a treasure to behold.

Recently, many of our fellow American youth have been stripped of the pride and simple responsibilities of comfortable survival in self-rule America. As a result, our politics have taken a turn to the Left because of the political ignorance and hopelessness they were given as a negative foundation for life. This is not a simple deviation to restore when literally millions of our youthful citizens refuse to take lifestyle suggestions from those of us who have experienced life and only survived because of our experience.

I hate to admit this, but it has become very obvious that the “moral fiber of the Greatest Nation on Earth” has been weakened by the “feel-good correctness.”

That extract of failed foreign roots has been forced upon our citizens as the clueless Left attempts to discard our Constitution and replace it with Marxist/socialistic ideals.

Now our historical rule of law and our hugely successful capitalistic economy depended on honesty and a basic religious faith of individuals to make it successful for centuries. We must have the foresight to see beyond the continuous dark clouds of negativity and a childish response to simple personality faults.

Bill Codd


Dear citizens of Montrose

I am writing this letter in full support of the Montrose Police Department and 2A.

The bottom line is that the Montrose Police Department is extremely busy. They need additional manpower in all divisions to address the law enforcement needs in Montrose. In this they are not alone. Law enforcement agencies across Western Colorado face the same funding issues, regardless of size or location. Their criminals are our criminals; criminals have no boundaries.

The face of law enforcement has added many new facets over the 44 years I have been in law enforcement. Some of the changes have been dictated by our society, others by government legislation. The need for school resource officers, non-lethal weapons, drug enforcement and mandated officer training has forced the funding issue to the forefront once again. And, as it should be, our officer safety and providing them with the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently perform their jobs is of the utmost importance.

The time has come to address the problem. And the problem is the rise in felony crime which includes drugs, burglaries and violent crimes just to name a few. Calls for assistance to the public have increased dramatically due to the influx of people coming into our community. The Montrose Police Department as currently staffed does not have the officers and support staff to be proactive. We as the public should see the need for proactive police work rather than reactive.

This should not be a political issue. Please make this an issue of what is best for the community now and in the future. Vote “yes” for 2A. Vote for One Community Safer Together to enhance the quality of life for you, your children, grandchildren and all future generations.

Gene Lillard


How much risk are you willing to take?

I continue reading letters and listening to radio broadcasts about the ballot issue for a “public safety sales tax” for the Montrose Police Department. I know all or most all the people who have expressed an opinion about the tax. The people who have stated they would not vote for the tax most likely have never been in favor of a tax increase for any reason.

This tax increase would add more police officers and support staff and build a new police station. The current facility is outdated and extremely undersized. It doesn’t fit the need for the 21st century. Currently, and for the past couple years, patrol officers are working 12-hour shifts that frequently turn into 16- and 18-hour shifts because of the workload. These officers need additional help to relieve them from the burden of lengthy hours of work and to have several hours of rest before they return. There are more reasons to vote for this tax, and if you are considering voting “no” on this issue, or are in a bubble and have not heard and seen Chief Blaine Hall’s presentation on this subject, you may find it compelling. The presentation is not based on speculation or subjective, it is objective and based in fact.

Our officers, citizens and people who visit should not have to risk their lives on lengthy response times. When you call for help, you want to know that prompt help is on the way. When a crime is committed against you, you should not have to wonder if a good investigation will be done.

When we (all of us, including the police) lose our edge against crime we may never regain it again!

A “yes” vote is important for the future.

How much risk are you willing to take?

Tom Chinn

Former Montrose police chief


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