Public safety tax is needed

I too served on the Public Safety Committee that recommended to City Council to seek public approval of a sales tax increase to meet the needs of the Montrose Police Department. I have a different perspective than the one portrayed by Jay Thoe in his letter to the editor on Aug. 30.

In his letter he states discussion of the city budget was unwelcome. That is deceptive. There were some that did not think it was warranted. However, I insisted it was. We did not do a line item review; we did however look at the budget from a mid-level view. We had a good understanding of the revenue and expenses. At no time were we discouraged by the city to ask questions regarding it.

He goes on to suggest there was a predetermined outcome at the onset of the formation of the committee. That is misleading as well. I addressed that at our very first meeting. Not a single individual felt there was a predetermination in play.

He goes on to list several items the city did not tell us about. What he doesn’t mention is the backlog of work that had to be done. He did not mention the increase in headcount to the MPD already approved. He did not mention the assurance we received that funding of the MPD will not be decreased from current levels going forward. He did not tell you our recommendation was a unanimous decision. He implies we can’t afford the tax increase.

I’m here to tell you we as a community can’t afford the continued increase in pedophilia, burglaries, robberies and illegal drugs. We need to support the MPD leadership and Blue Suits. We need to get this modest tax increase passed.

Dave Stockton


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