Incompetent gut

“I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me” — President Donald Trump, Nov. 27, 2018.

A Republican shaken by Trump “green-lighting” Turkey’s invasion of Syria sarcastically joked: “We don’t need to worry about Trump’s intellectual ability for one simple reason. He relies on his gut, not his brain ... Right now Trump’s gut sure needs a ‘cleanse’ treatment!”

Sen. Lindsay Graham and other Republicans agree.

Impulsivity plus no thought of consequences spells disaster. Both the Syrian mess and Trump’s Ukraine shakedown attempt reveal Trump’s fundamental incompetence in planning, whether or not any of it is actually legal.

Seriously, can we afford even another month with Trump in office? There’s no telling what further damage he does. Think of it, our economy and national security interests depend on how his gut feels at any major decision moment. He’s proven he has no interest in listening to anybody including knowledgeable experts like Gen. James Mattis.

Perhaps it’s time for Republicans to write their own articles of impeachment. Why wait for the Democrats?

Larry Heath


Outrageous promises

I read the Oct. 22 forum article, assuming I would hear Democrats talk about real policies that are something other than incoherent or economically stupid (something about increasing jobs, or reducing crime, or improving living conditions in urban America). After all, these are Colorado candidates, not those crazies running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Wrong ... Talk of fixing the climate change hoax by spending trillions of someone else’s money, but they can’t clean up Dem-run city streets with piles of feces. Talk of fixing healthcare … wait, weren’t we told by Obama/Biden that Obamacare would reduce premiums and insure the uninsured? And more free stuff ... “Students don’t want loans anymore,” so let’s cancel student loan debt and future loans. Let’s not talk about the impossibility of actually paying for this. And let’s end “dark money,” because we don’t want NRA members exercising their constitutional rights to give to Cory Gardner. So, the same smoke-and-mirrors from our Colorado Democrats that we get from Washington … outrageous promises that cannot possibly be implemented.

Trump’s achievements and the Left’s lack of any coherent policies leave the Left without a sane platform for the 2020 election. By a show of hands, our Colorado Dems show they favor going from one pretend cause for impeachment to another. The Russian collusion fantasy was designed to frame Trump while diverting attention from Hillary’s real collusion with Russia in Uranium One and using the Clinton Foundation as a pay-to-play cash cow. The only reason for the Pelosi-Schiff secret impeachment “inquiry” is to create more smoke. Leak lies to the media. Let the media run with them. Cite the media later as truth. Make the false charges overlapping and unending. The Left assumes all voters are as ignorant as those raising their hands at the senate forum.

Ed Henrie


Clean energy

To meet our country’s energy needs, we should choose clean energy rather than older polluting sources of the past. A 2018 study showed 82% of residents in Montrose County want policy that funds research into renewable energy sources. (Yale Climate Opinion Maps)

Jobs are crucial to the stability of our economy. Fears have been raised about a loss Colorado jobs when transitioning from coal, oil, and gas extraction to clean energy. I was surprised to learn that the opposite is true. Renewable energy actually creates more jobs than an equivalent amount of fossil-based energy, because it is more labor intensive.

The shift to renewable energy can be expedited or hindered by government policy. We need to create rules to curb pollution and impose fees on businesses that pollute. 71% of residents in Montrose County support regulation of CO2 as a pollutant, and 59% want fossil fuel companies to be required to pay a carbon tax, see above Yale study.

A national carbon tax, economists tell us, is the fastest and most efficient way to reduce our greenhouse gasses. Encourage U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton to hasten the transition to clean energy with smart government policy by supporting H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Clean energy jobs can be the backbone of our state’s economy and create healthy, safe communities for our children and future generations

Susan Atkinson


Blatant power grabs

Proposition CC and our local 2A public safety sales tax ballot issues are similar in design. Both are blatant power grabs for more taxpayer monies for their respective entities, the State of Colorado and the City of Montrose.

Prop CC is a not-so-subtle end run around TABOR, which guarantees money collected over and above the state limit is refunded back to taxpayers via property tax rebates or by state income tax returns. In spite of the misleading ballot language of “without raising taxes,” this question, if passed, would raise taxes by deleting taxpayer rebates as noted.

2A, on the other hand, is an in-your-face tax increase to support additional police hires and a brand new headquarters building. The issue is being pushed by the city and a citizens committee because of a rising crime rate and the need for additional funding for the MPD. The city’s own documents show that police budgeting has not been the priority it should have been with the crime increase since 2013. Those same documents show that from 2013-’18, the city realized a sales tax surplus of $17.2 million over budget, and, according to August reports, will realize at least a $4 million surplus this year. Absent thorough research into city budgeting trends from 2013 or before, the citizens committee recommended a pre-ordained tax increase.

It has become obvious to many that police could be adequately funded from current resources without a tax increase.

Both ballot questions deserve a resounding no vote. With the economy booming, both the state and the City of Montrose need to do a better job of prioritizing its funding process.

Dee Laird


Scare tactics?

I admit I was a little confused by a recent letter that accused the city of employing “scare tactics” to get 2A passed. To me, a scare tactic is when someone uses a potential action as a threat to achieve their goal. “If you don’t — then I will!”

Implied here is that the Montrose Police Department will not do their jobs, or will in some way reduce their presence, or that, in some way, crime will be much worse if 2A doesn’t pass.

Nothing here could be further from that. The excellent work by the Montrose Police force will continue one way or another, but it is very important to realize that the crime figures and data that is being used is not a projection, or a tentative future, but is a hard, cold fact of what is happening right now. The presence of these criminals is not a fabrication to “scare” you to vote, but is a reflection of what our officers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. If this data does indeed frighten you, maybe you need to rethink your position against 2A.

Also, it was mentioned that county residents don’t get a say. That is true, but you also have to realize the benefit to county residents. On major call-outs, MPD relies on MCSO to assist because MPD doesn’t have the necessary staffing. If MPD is adequately staffed, there will be less need for MCSO to pull resources away from their duty in the county, providing a better presence for county needs.

Dave Frank


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